The Jews in England I

From NSV Report, A Quarterly Overview of the National Socialist Vanguard, vol. 12, No. 3, Jul/Sep 1994, pp. 4-7

Introduction – These American articles were inspired by the Dowager Lady Jane Bridwood’s prosecution in London under the Race/Public Order Act in 1991 and 1994. There was an attempt at a third prosecution in 1998, by which time she was 80 years old, but this was abandoned because of her failing health. Defended by Doug Christie at the second trial, she was convicted and given a 3-month suspended sentence for publishing The Longest Hatred.

This information is not authoritative but references are often given to enable the material to be checked. For example, an earlier part claimed that a judge at Southwark Crown Court had pronounced the 1290 Edict of Expulsion to be still in force. Brian Holmes, an American who was living in London at the time, had gone to the Court to return a few hours later claiming to have obtained a hearing there and then. More likely it was just a court official saying something which could be interpreted in the desired way. Nonetheless, these articles provide an interesting insight into the history of the Jews in England and their methods.

Since this particular NSV Report is being sent to a number of Jewish “Holocaust” survivors, journalists and government officials in England, we are providing herein some background history regarding England’s current law (King Edward I’s Edict of Expulsion of the Jews) in the hope that the English people, who are also our people, will have more insight regarding the Jewish expulsion. Obviously, England’s ZOG and our ZOG will do their utmost to circumvent any existing laws in order to have their own way, but if enough potential jurors become knowledgeable enough, smart enough and angry enough, then perhaps a defendant can get more justice in the courts than he now does.

In 1190 AD, Bury St. Edmunds became the first town in England to formally expel the Jew. This example was followed by Leicester in 1231, Newcastle upon Tyne, Wycombe, the County of Warwick and parts of East Anglia in 1234, Southampton in 1236, Northamptonshire in 1237, Berkhamstead in 1242, Newbury with Speenhamland in 1243, Bridgnor in 1274 and Cambridge in 1275. Other towns in England and Wales which expelled the Jews include Beaumaris, Newborough, Canarvon, Criccieth, Harlech, Bala, Conway, Rhuddlan, Flint, Derby, Romsey and Winchelsea.

In an attempt to solve the problem of “anti-Semitism,” King Edward I passed in 1275 the Statutem de Judeismo (Laws or Statutes regarding Jewry), a set of laws commonly known as the “Anti-Usury Laws.” These laws outlawed the lending and borrowing of money for unproductive purposes. Jewish historian Cecil Roth, in his book A History of the Jews in England, admitted that these special privileges were “an amazing concession” because it was probably the first example of “affirmative action” or “positive discrimination.” This set of laws was remarkable because King Edward I did not merely outlaw the lending and borrowing of money for unproductive purposes but granted special licenses to the Jew in order to encourage him to take up farming and any craft. However, the Jew never took advantage of these opportunities, choosing instead to continue with such parasitic practices as usury, clipping the coin (paring the silver off the coins which debased the currency), desecrating the host and ritually murdering Christian children every Passover, as the Jew is instructed to do in the Talmud. If anyone thinks that this was simply a medieval problem, it should be remembered that when Henry Ford was accused of being an “anti-Semite” for having publicized the Jew’s thoroughly unproductive and parasitic nature, he offered a reward of $1,000 (a considerable sum at the time) to anyone who could show him a Jewish farmer. The reward was never collected.

King Edward I permanently banished the Jews from England in 1290. After the Jan/Mar ‘92 NSV Report was published, one of our associates made a trip to the University of Southern California Law School and sent us a copy of the actual wording of King Edward I’s Edict of Expulsion of the Jews in 1290. The Edict of Expulsion of 1290 reads:

“Eodem anno omnes Judei, cum eorum bonis, filiis, et uxoribus, circa festum Omnium Sanctorum, terram Angliae et Aquitaniae, concedente rege Edwardo, exulantur.”

This is translated by Dir. Cooper as:

“To the same end [in reference to a tax levy in the previous sentence which is not included here] in the year, all Jews, with their goods, children and wives, around the holiday of All Saints [All Saints’ Day is November 1st], are banished from the land of England and of Aquitania [the southwest part of what is now France between the Loire River and Pyrenees Mountains], King Edward having conceded.”

The above sentence says a lot – not only for English history but this situation has repeated itself elsewhere in Europe from the middle ages to the present time. You see, the word “concedente” implies that the king reluctantly yielded to pressure from his advisers and subjects. In other words, the king was not the motivating factor behind the Edict of Expulsion. Most probably, the king was informed in no uncertain terms that unless the Jews were expelled, he would face a violent revolution which would not only result in the expulsion of the Jews but also the execution of the king, his family and loyal backers. So the king conceded to the Edict of Expulsion and thus ordered his Jewish friends, allies, business partners and co-conspirators out of English territory. To ease the pain of his former Jewish associates, the king not only allowed the Jews to keep the money which they obtained from usury and coin-clipping, and any belongings that they could carry (all Jewish owned real estate, synagogues, cemeteries went to the king), but the k belong to the biggest race of thieves who ever existed. Those bombs went off in London because Jews have stolen large parts of Britain from their rightful White inhabitants and handed them over to the non-white followers of a psychotic alien religion. When non-whites commit more and worse atrocities in future, you won’t need to ask who’s really responsible: it’s liberal Jews like Tom Bernstein and George Soros, who organize mass immigration and the anti-racism industry, and “conservative” Jews like Mark Steyn and Melanie Phillips, who distract White attention from the racial motives of Jews like Soros and Bernstein. Heads they win, tails we lose – liberal, “conservative”, they’re all of them Jews.


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