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The Sheppard v. ZOG League Fixtures Table!


The amount of legal crap flying around at the moment is almost overwhelming. The stresses of my research and other circumstances mean that I am close to the limit of what I can cope with. Detailing recent events so my supporters know what’s going on has been neglected as a consequence. It’s all very well writing entertaining accounts of arrests and incarcerations after the event, but when you’re in the thick of it and snowed under, having to write about it (and deciding what to include and what not) is the last thing one needs.

Here however I provide some basic information in the form of a “scores table,” as if it were a list of football fixtures and scores. Just the essential details really. Even so, the list isn’t complete; there’s another civil action struggling along.

Sheppard is the “home team” since the police and judicial system have been co-opted by the traditional enemy.

1 February 2018

Match 1: I went into the local council offices and complained to a woman council employee that the council were “dumping Africans on us.” The snowflake reported this to the police and I was prosecuted (yet this very term was used by Anne Coulter and broadcast on mainstream British TV in January 2018). The single judge in the Magistrates Court, probably Jewish, delivered verdict of guilty of “racially aggravated” something or other and a fine of £315. Appealed, three judges, two women and a man. At one point the woman chief would hardly let my barrister get a word in edgeways. Appeal denied, ordered to pay £650 costs in addition.

Score: Sheppard 0, ZOG 1.

Match 2: Civil action against North Yorkshire Police for return of my property, specifically four full-size computers and numerous data storage devices. Mobile phone with no SIM card used only as an alarm clock, even my odd bits of computer and printer memory. Morning of first hearing, police capitulated, property returned a week later.

Score: Sheppard 0, ZOG 0. Not a victory but a draw, since the police held my equipment for six months, causing considerable disruption to my work and personally.

Update: The Defendant, North Yorkshire Police, has been ordered to pay costs (a little over £300; any property claim in the Small Claims Court costs £308, regardless of its value). However, the police lawyers are contesting the order.

Match 3: Two charges of “racially aggravated harassment” of an African nearby to whom the local council have given a second home. I am pleading not guilty. If it goes badly I could be imprisoned again. Pending trial on 22 February.

Update: The “complainant” did not attend court. It seems that the police have practically been hounding him to attend. One might even say that the police are guilty of “racially aggravated harassment” of someone who plainly does not want to attend court (for whatever reason).

In a normal case, that would have been the end of it. The police and courts are so fervent however that they have kept the case going, and I face another trial on the same charges on 14 June.

Match 4: Largely based on matters described in Match 1 and Match 3 above, the local council is seeking my eviction. Turns out I am ineligible for legal aid for this, so will be representing myself. This then is an opportunity for me to present my position unfiltered, and the worst the council can do is evict me (not desired but not the end of the world either). The defence document is quite good, and will be posted below.

Unfortunately the document cannot be posted quite yet as it could be prejudicial.

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