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The Science of Sex

The Evolutionary Origin of Some Female Characteristics. Glossary of Procedures (2)


Malign Encouragement (F)

Defined here as encouraging an opponent to pursue an adverse policy. In other words, the Protagonist encourages the Opponent to act detrimentally for the Protagonist's benefit.

Table. A Policy-Choice Array for the Protagonist
MINIMIZE OWN PAYOFF loser pure altruism
MAXIMIZE OWN PAYOFF Malign Encouragement perfect symbiosis

Even though the Malign Encouragement policy appears never to have been formally defined, examples abound. Examples are a nation financing the pacifist movement of a country with which it is at war, or a race promoting miscegenation to others while exhorting its own members to only marry between themselves. Archetypal Malign Encouragement however is sexual: When females encourage males to compete (while conspiring themselves) it intensifies male breeding competition, a feature common to many female policies. A form of Malign Encouragement, for example, is a female encouraging two males to fight for her.

Marker (M)

An unambiguous indication of involvement (e.g. buying a person a drink; talking to someone). Inappetent marking takes place if nothing is desired or expected in exchange (e.g. holding an incidental conversation with someone with no ulterior motive). The marking is appetent if something is desired (typical female appetent marking is holding a conversation with someone in order to demonstrate to others that a relationship exists). It is proposed that all transactions can be analyzed in terms of signals, markers, tokens and handles. Males prefer markers and handles while females reinforce signals and tokens.


The influence of an individual male on a female, particularly that resulting from physical sex. A female is said to be masculinated.


The societal influence of males on females. One or more females are said to be masculinized.

Maximization of Advantage (F)

Utilizing every opportunity to reinforce a position of advantage or neutralize adverse components, however insignificant (e.g. repeated efficiency drives, being unable to throw anything away). See also irredundancy.

Maximization of Cost (F)

Increasing the costs, particularly of sex, to the greatest possible extent. An interesting analogy can be drawn between cats and humans. One of the reasons the domestic cat is so abundant is that the female ovulates on copulation: fertilization is practically inevitable. With larger cats, specifically lions, this process has evolved somewhat further.

It is in the species' interest that only the fittest, healthiest and strongest males reproduce. As Darwin noted, in sexual selection it is usually the female which exerts a choice. The female policy is to raise the costs of sex and foster an adverse environment for males so that only the fittest prevail. The lioness has applied this principle by inhibiting ovulation. The male must copulate with her many times (about every 20 minutes for the best part of a day) before he triggers ovulation in the female. This is how the lioness has raised the costs of sex and ensured that a male which is old, unhealthy or otherwise lacking in stamina does not procreate.

This can be compared to human females making their sexual selection firstly from among friends and acquaintances then, perhaps 50 years later, in nightclubs. In the first case her selection is made from a limited pool, and expectations and obligations may arise, constraining her choice. In the nightclub however she can make her selection not from a particular locality or social circle but city-wide. In the nightclub the male must endure loud music, such that incidental comments of ambiguous intent are impossible, he must withstand a poisonous substance (alcohol), must have the stamina to continue to the early hours of the morning and must also compete with other males, often at a ratio of several males for every female. The male may even be required to do this regularly! Numerous other factors operate in the nightclub, but all are to the advantage of the female. If it were not so she would not be there.

The female instinct is to create an adverse environment for males so that only the fittest prevail. The female may consciously or subconsciously want a mate, and try to some extent to win one, but she simply cannot help but make the task of the male as hard as possible, and will instinctively use any and every means at her disposal to do so. Females, even more than males, are prisoners of their instincts. An exception to this rule may be made however. Because ‘the gene is selfish’ i.e. it seeks to reinforce itself, these obstacles will also instinctively be removed in the case of a male who expresses female characteristics.

MESS: Mixed Evolutionarily Stable Strategies (Smith)

A strategy is stable if it is advantageous and inheritable; there is often a mixture of such strategies in a state of dynamic equilibrium. The sexual signals and procedures detailed here are proposed as examples of mixed evoltionarily stable strategies, even if the evolutionary origin of some of the procedures may not yet be apparent. See also ESS.

Mindfuck (F)

The colloquial term for the Psychic Assault.


An erroneous or unsuitable target.


(Neurosis is here defined in Pavlovian terms as the stress induced when one stimulus evokes two or more responses.) The Fundamental Female Neurosis derives from wanting physical sex yet denying it to males in order to raise its value. (Recall also that in this analysis 'sex' is any non-monetary activity: any non-business relationship is sex.) In accordance with the Dynamical Laws, the female seeks to shift as much of her neurotic load onto the male as she can, because the confused and disoriented male is easier to manipulate. A major mechanism to accomplish this is sexual signalling (see Signalling, below). The neurotic male further empowers the female, and thus a reinforcing cycle is established. For a fuller discussion of neurosis see Basic Psychology.

Neurotic Suspension

Being compulsively trapped or frozen in a state of neurosis.

Obfuscation (F)

Confuses males, disguises female strategies.

Opportunism (F)

Facilitates the acquisition of the best possible mate.


An ideal person or state. In particular, the paragonic partner provides an efficient resolution of neurosis. Various forms of the Paragon are postulated such as the Monogamous Paragon, Unattainable Paragon, Remote Paragon and Inherent Paragon.


An innate behavioural mechanism by which an organism proceeds in its competition with a symbiont. Less formally, a procedure is a sequence of moves in a human game. Procedures should be capable of being expressed mathematically while a strategy, according to John Maynard Smith and others, is a specification of what an individual will do in any situation (and because a strategy must include every possible permutation only the simplest can be expressed mathematically). In accord with this existing definition a strategy may be regarded as the set of all possible procedures. See also MESS.

Proclamation of Enhancement, PoE (F)

Advertising that an approach has been made.


Projection is assuming that others act or perceive similarly. (Note that in this definition it is not necessary for a trait to be undesirable or unconscious.) Projection is probably the single most important psychological mechanism, inherent in social animals, and accounts for a great deal of behaviour and attitudes. For a fuller discussion of projection see Basic Psychology.

It is evident that females project more than males. The evolutionary origin of projection is left as an exercise: What is required is an archetype of female projection, the origin in sexual selection which is its probable genesis: ‘The archetype is always sexual.’

The more latitude the female is allowed, the more her capricious nature will be expressed, the more she will project that nature onto the male and the more insecure of his intentions she will become


Making an invitation of some kind. It may be direct (‘Come with me’ or ‘Will you come for a coffee’) or indirect (‘Perhaps you would like to come’ or ‘I know a nice café nearby’).

Psychic Assault (F)

Essentially the PA consists of politically manoeuvring an individual into a position where sex could take place but refraining from doing so. It has been defined in terms of six components and exists on two levels, the FLM and the SLM.

Response Displacement (F)

Conversing with another person as a substitute for doing so in response to an Approach (or subsequent) Statement. Response Displacement is Advanced Approach Displacement.

Risk Disencumberment (F)

Foreseeing possible outcomes and avoiding their consequences by shifting the risk onto someone else. This is a game played by, amongst others, insurance companies and their policy-holders (e.g. insuring a bicycle against theft; the insurance company retaliates by insisting that the bicycle be locked to qualify for insurance cover).

Selfishness (F)

Pre-menopausal females are always gravid.

Signalling (F)

A signal is an instinctive gesture; here mostly sexual signals are considered. A signal is called discriminate if it is directed at a particular individual and indiscriminate if it is not. Signals have been further classified as Honest, Erroneous, False and Dysfunctional. It is proposed that all transactions can be analyzed in terms of signals, markers, tokens and handles. Males prefer markers and handles while females reinforce signals and tokens.

‘The female signals, the male responds.’ Signalling is ‘body language’ or ‘non-verbal communication,’ but particular emphasis is given to sexual signalling in this system because it is stable. A strategy or procedure is stable if it is evolutionarily advantageous (has a reason to exist) and heritable (has a means to exist).

Consider the example of the Accident Signal. A woman is serving tea to a group of workmen. One of the men she likes, and as she tilts the teapot to pour his tea she involuntaily spills it instead: she has reflexively emitted the Accident Signal. The man is scalded, the woman fusses and frets apologetically and he reassures her that she should not worry; the caretaking instinct is inspired. As a result of this encounter they talk further, strike up a relationship, have sex and produce children. The gene which confers a propensity to signal in the female or, for the male, his propensity to respond to this particular signal in this particular way is carried to the next generation, and thus the signal-response couplet repeats. Sexual signalling is passive, safe, ambiguous (the female can always deny her intent) and manipulative; it induces neurosis in males, making them yet more susceptible to manipulation.

Sophistry (F)

Manipulative: compensates for males' greater physical strength.

Speculation (F)

Enables sex to be foreseen well in advance without logic.

Speed of Response (F)

Compensates for males' greater physical strength.


Removing a component from an object to devalue it. The object can be a thing or a person and the component may not be removed but merely annulled. If the object is desired Spoiling is undertaken to reduce its value to others (e.g. when a female emits an Erroneous or False Signal to remove a male's ability to respond to that particular signal); if it is not desired a likely motivation is obfuscation (e.g. adopting skinhead or hippy styles of dress without ascribing to the philosophy with which the mode is usually associated). In the first case Spoiling may be an advanced, possessive form of marking. Primordial Spoiling is smearing excrement.

Stonewalling (F)

Ignoring a person who is known. This is the mutation of a handle to a signal.


A potential relational/sexual partner.


The image in memory of a compatible or desired relational/sexual partner.

Tendency to Conspire (F)

Females instinctively act together to intensify male breeding competition, raise the cost of sex and enforce monogamy. An expression of this is the forging of ‘unholy alliances’ between people who have nothing in common except a common enemy. The enemy is usually masculine.

Tergiversation (F)

Facilitates the acquisition of the best possible mate.

Token (F)

When one thing means another. The value of a token can be different for the giver and the receiver. (Hints are commonplace expressions of the token. Examples are ‘Do you have a light?’ or ‘Come back and have some coffee.’) It is proposed that all transactions can be analyzed in terms of signals, markers, tokens and handles. Males prefer markers and handles while females reinforce signals and tokens.

Transduction (F)

Transduction is the induction of a false feeling. Transduction may be positive or negative according to whether a person is falsely enhanced or diminished, but most transduction appears to be negative. Positive transduction is routinely practised by the staff of casinos, restaurants and airlines, for example to make a client feel important or promote their good behaviour in a confined space. A security guard in a supermarket might transduce guilt in a customer by closely observing him, even though nothing has been stolen. Overt transduction is laughing at someone unjustly, but transduction is more typically encountered in leaving behaviour, for example quitting a place because a certain person has arrived or an unpalatable fact has been stated. Although transduction is a female mechanism, it is remarkable how widely the different races of man vary in their capacity to transduce and their susceptibility to it.

Transmission of Diminishment, ToD

Looking disgruntled or sad, particularly in response to a rejection.

Vicarious Generosity (F)

Giving away, often enthusiastically, something which is not one's to give. It collectively transfers wealth from males to females. A primitive form of Vicarious Generosity would be a woman giving meat or materials to another woman of the village or tribe. Then if she were to be ejected from the dwelling, or otherwise in distress, she could expect shelter or mediation on her behalf, but this would have been won with the products of a man's efforts.

‘Looking far enough back in the stream of time, and judging from the social habits of man as he now exists, the most probable view is that he aboriginally lived in small communities, each with a single wife, or if powerful with several, whom he jealously guarded against all other men.’ Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man.

Examples of this procedure are disc jockeys playing music they have not made, or giving away copies of computer software (if the software had been produced or purchased by the giver it would not be given away so enthusiastically). These are examples of males expressing a female characteristic. A further example is a government encouraging large-scale immigration without a mandate from their electorate; indeed many contemporary governmental policies are feminine in nature, hence ‘Big Sister.’

Vicarious Rejection (F)

Obtaining gratification by rejecting or manipulating a rejection on behalf of someone else.

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