Taco Trauma

An everyday tale of distress

Elvis Dunderhoff

Daily Stormer website, 24 July 2021

Every single company in the Western world is filled with completely useless women who do nothing.

She works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.

These companies run by women would go under if they weren’t supported by the government and the criminal oligarchy (which was established by the government, who refused to enforce laws against monopolies).

Every single job on earth is done better by men, and we’re now finding out with the transexual phenomenon that men are actually better at being women.

Frankly, if we just had a real meritocracy, where the government didn’t force people to hire women and so on, everything would balance itself back out. Women would be competing for work with lower IQ immigrants, and they would therefore oppose immigration on the grounds that they’re being beat by Paco.

‘Hola Señor. I did a better job making this food than a grimy slut. Please give me a promotion to advanced taco technician.’

‘My life is ruined. Paco the tacoman beat me out as best taco-filler, even after I let the boss fill my taco with his extra spicy salsa. I’ll never get promoted to advanced taco technician!’

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