Holocaust at Downing Street

Thursday 3 April 2008

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, urged people to join the debate on some of the biggest challenges of our times by logging onto a new “Progressive Governance” website. The website was set up to coincide with a summit that weekend in London. Climate change, security threats, global poverty and economic globalisation were to be discussed at the conference, attended by twenty world leaders.

On the morning of Thursday 3 April 2008 a logo featuring a clearly visible, correctly oriented NSDAP swastika appeared on the 10 Downing Street website, the official website of the Prime Minister’s residence.

By 11pm that night, after mocking emails had been sent to the site administrator and with wonderment spreading web-wide, the site had become Password Restricted.

At midday the following day the site was restored to public access, but with a sanitised logo. One report was that the original logo made a reappearance at 3pm but disappeared again four minutes later.

By the evening of 4 April the site seemed to have incorporated most of the suggestions made on the Devil’s Kitchen blog concerning its poor design.

English Liberation Front said –
governance n. 1. government, control or authority.
government n. 1. the exercise of political authority over the actions, affairs, etc., of a political unit, people, etc.; the action of governing; political rule and administration.
progressive adj. 5. (esp of a disease) advancing in severity, complexity, or extent.
 password protects Aryan Governance Summit site

‘Promoting Prosperity’ through National Socialism

By Lester Haines
Friday 4th April 2008 08:54 GMT

The powers that be yesterday blocked unauthorised access to the website of the Progressive Governance Summit following our discovery that it was, in lieu of “Promoting Prosperity,” actually promoting National Socialism.

The chilling proof of’s plans for a blond-haired, blue-eyed future comes in the form of the logo, as seen here. Lurking in the shadows is the unmistakable crooked cross much beloved of Alsatian-owning vegetarians.

We were going to make our dossier available to the relevant authorities when it suddenly dawned on us that any attempt to alert them would certainly result in an early-morning knock at the door by men dressed in long black leather coats and bearing Progressive Governance armbands.

El Reg will continue to broadcast for as long as is possible, but if it suddenly falls silent, please...


The site became reavailable to the unwashed masses at around lunchtime today – complete with denazified logo and nice YouTube greeting from Gordo. Bless.

Devil’s Kitchen said –

The whole thing’s a shambles.

Alex Agius said – It is ridiculous to suggest that Gordon Brown is anything like Adolf Hitler. Hitler was elected.

“Stanislav” was a regular contributor to the Guido Fawkes political blog at this time, purporting to be a Polish plumber who had recently arrived in Britain. Trading as “stanislavplumbcheap4u” he offered “good clean job and no fucking about with Mrs” and “discount4cash.”

Subtlety was not Mr Stanislav’s trademark, and it was during precisely this period that he was at the peak of his powers.

The following content did not appear on the Number 10 website. This chilling description of the origins and execution of a projected holocaust at Downing Street has not been verified, approved or endorsed by the authorities.

You have been warned.

Stanislav said –


From US TV, all channels

Mah Fellow Motherfuckers

President Codger McCain here, again. Got some news from LimeyLand. That crazy bastard. That Scotch English Britisher, the Limey President, Nancy whoosis. You remember, the fisting commie faggot. He’s only gonna run the fucking Swastika up over Buckingham House, where he lives. I’m not shittin’ you.

Just a bare sixty years ago I was swarming up Omaha Beach and mah whole purpose was to kill them Swastika-waving, cabbage-eating sonsabitches and now here’s this weird commie bastard married to a transwotsaname with a beard and a regular Adam’s Apple and everything, probably still got meat ‘n’ potatoes down below – Jeez, mah fellow Motherfuckers, if it looks like a man, smells like a man talks like a man and shaves like a man then sure as eggs is eggs, it ain’t no Prom Queen Cheerleader – and the sick fuck’s gonna run the Goddamned Swastika up the Goddamned flagpole and have all them chickenshit, pussy-whipped Limeys salute the motherfucking thing – or else he’s gonna throw them outta their own fucking houses.

Got no more’n coupla platoons over there in Eyerack, playin’ possum in a airbase, borrowin’ boots and bullets and every darned thing, and he and his fag War Secretary, some constipated, mean-faced, tight-lipped, little fuck of an attorney, couldn’t find the hole in his own ass, the two of them sick fucks cruise about talking like they were fucking Clausewitz, Alexander the Fucking Great, as though Uncle Sam gives a shit what some Limey Liberace Bendover General thinks about the price of pork. Draft-dodgin’ yellowbellies the whole Goddamned, cocksucking English British Administration.

And he’s got this guy Millipede, can’t be no more’n fourteen, skinny, pouty little fuck, sits there in his old man’s suit, making faces like he was waiting to see his Pro-bation Officer; sits there in the Limey Congress pulling all these faces, like some Goddamned cheese-eating Frog mime artist and Fuck my ass with a dead racoon, but this fucking punk is the Goddamned Secretary of State. They send him off to talk to Heads of fucking State. On his fucking own. They say he’s got a brother and he’s also in the Limey administration but that’s probably horseshit, couldn’t be two a these weird bastards; this one dude should be in the fucking circus. Can’t even produce no proper semen, had to come over to God’s Country and buy hisself a Goddamned baby, off a Mexican.

And now there’s this Swastika shit. I swear to you, mah Fellow Motherfuckers, I swear before God-a-fucking-mighty that Ah’m gonna fuel me up Air Force One, get me some good quality Uncle Sam napalm, some high explosive and some of those neat little fragmentation bombs and Ah’m personally gonna take charge of a historic combat mission over communist-held England Britain and I’m gonna bomb the fuckass Limey shit outta that snot-eatin’, assfistin’, Swastika-waving, Presbyterian cocksucker, so help me God. Ah’m gonna terminate his worthless ass with extreme prejudice. Nancy, sweet thing, this one’s got your fucking number on it. And the next one. And the one after that, you sick sorry-assed fucking degenerate sonofabitch. Swastikas indeed, eat shit and die motherfucker. God bless America.

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