Letters from Jews

Telling Illustrations of the Jewish Mentality


From: “victor L” <>
Subject: heretical
Date: 11 Jul 2007 18:01

Apparently all it took was a complaint from a Jew who didn’t like it posted through her letterbox.

That’s right – The Jews are all-powerful because they are the chosen ones.

Even in times of Egypt a Jewish slave could do more damage to the pharohs than enemies with weapons.

That is the power of the mind.

The suicide bombers and you – two kinds of the same scum morons. You cannot beat the chosen people. Literally the only way is by destroying the entire world, which is apparently what the muslims have finally figured out.

Next time you’re in jail think: “You can’t win when you fight the Jews!!”

Sorry loser.

From: “neil silver” <>
Subject: for simon sheppard
Date: 14 March 2005 17:12

Simon Sheppard:

Your activities have been reported to the authorities at Interpol.

Have a good time travelling outside your miserable little island! Hahahahaha, you’ll get instantly arrested entering a wide variety of countries :) Plus its only a matter of time before the UK authorities grab you at your po box !!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Bye loser. have a good time sucking black c**k in jail :)

Nov. 10, 2002

Dear Friends,

I am an American citizen living in Germany. I am also a transsexual (man to woman) and have been living as a female for the past 2 years. On my mother’s side I am also of Jewish descent.

On Nov. 28, 2002 in Böblingen (by Stuttgart) I will in fact face an inquisition-style show trial against my person for having not adhered to the orthodox zionist rendition of the Auschwitz tragedy, which in present day Germany, since the infamous Luxembourg treaty of 1950, is a criminal offense in this defeated land.

I am highly allergic to all villain people-victim people cults, which this so-called holocaust or holycow’st cult belongs to. Likewise concepts such as the collective guilt of any ethnic group, German, Jewish, Arab etc. is simply racism in disguise. Some zionist extremists reduce all the victims of nazi persecution to one misrepresented voice, slanderously distorted and misused to form a type of “hunting permit” for the property, dignity and the very lives of Palestinians among others. This follows the same sinister dynamic that Hitler used in reducing all the German dead of WWI to one collective voice, his voice of course.

The Germans have suffered horrifically under this sense of collective guilt or blame. Many Germans believe this will only disappear when the last German on this planet dies. Many young German girls, afflicted with the “villain people complex” justify an unnecessary abortion with statements such as “It probably would have been another Dr. Goebbels.” I find this absolutely horrifying. Indeed people with a poor ethnic cultural self image are much more likely to kill their unborn children. In this respect the holo-hysteria, that is the misuse of the Auschwitz tragedy is causing an ongoing genocide of children. Fighting this out of control holocausterian religion will save many more children than picketing abortion clinics.

The German judicial system has historically been known for blindly obeying the powers that rule and I don’t expect any semblance of justice at the hands of the blindly obedient aparachniks of the Luxembourg dictate. I might just as well be prosecuted during the 3rd reich for doubting Hitler’s claim; Jews like Rosa Luxemburg conspired and robbed Germany of certain victory in WWI. Hitler’s Jewish conspiracy cult was of course the villain people-victim people cult, with reversed roles, which proceeded the present day Holocausterian cult. Both cults of course lead to hatred, self-hatred and destruction.

I am of the conviction that all political ideologies: nazism, communism, liberalism, etc. etc. show their most evil side when they obtain absolute power and no longer are forced or obliged to deal fairly and humanely with those opposing the ruling ideology. Only by defending free speech can this danger be warded off. Opposing ideologies are compelled to improve themselves in a healthy atmosphere of free speech and astute criticism.

Please make my impending trial for not adhering to the holocausterian orthodoxy in this traumatized country an open topic of discussion. Feel free and welcome to attend my show trial under Judge Payer as well. Nov. 28, 2002 at 8:30, Dec. 4, 2002 at 1:30 PM, and Dec. 12 at 1:30 PM in the Amtsgericht (court) Steinberg str. 7, Room (Saal) 28, 71001 Böblingen, Germany. Let freedom ring!!

Donations for court costs would help greatly! Mrs. Denise Patricia Doyle, Genker str. 6, 71034 Böblingen, Germany Tel.(07031) 276899 Kreissparkasse Böblingen, Bankleitzahl 60350130 Account Number 2243755. Thank you!

The holocaust hysteria is not a separation from Hitler and nazism, but rather a death bringing cult!!!!

Simon Sheppard
HM Prison Hull
Hedon Road


Dear Simon,

Well, what can be said, you in there and I’m out here......... great isn’t it! You see Simon there are no ZOG courts, we don’t run the world’s banks....... Wow! Now I’ve looked into your theory about Jews being expelled and credit where its due, you are correct. I personally didn’t find your statements racially incenting and I doubt most Jews would, but Simon why would someone of your intelligence waste time handing these leaflets out. Your family tell us that you aren’t a ‘bad lad’ but they do seem ashamed of you......

Now yes I agree immigration should stop for now until we’re on our feet, and we should look after our war veterans better than we do immigrants e.t.c. and yes screw the I.R.A. and all that. If you want to win support, your going the wrong way about it.

People who try to spread hatred eventually get it returned.

You and your friends may just some day make somebody think..... “better stop them now, just in case they grow..” if you understand my wave length.

See I think you and and your pals are just sad people who need cheering up. Hate in your heart, twisted mind.... You in prison.... See your just a weak person who is easily influenced so maybe you’ll get another chance. HA HA you’re a puppet. Maybe I’ll call you punch and judy. Maybe orville ha ha

Anyway it a shame us taxpayers have to pay for ‘scum in prison’ that’s what your wnr report quotes. You are scum, your people think your scum... mr punch is scum...... ha ha ha

Anyway its been a pleasure writing to you Orville, and I’ve got something you’ll never have ‘happiness’ but you’ll always have something I don’t........ a prison record!!!! Ha ha! That’s a good ‘un!!!!! Anyway go play with yourself or something, that might cheer you up.

Watch your step, and take it easy... watch out in the showers........ Oops!!!

Its really cheered me up writing to you, its amazing how willing people our to talk to others about things isn’t it. Do you actually have any friends?

You do have the power to change, we’ll be watching.


The free man!

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