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Fred Sees Red

The Marxist Criminals Murdering the West

If you’re in London on 27th or 28th November, you really ought to visit the Clown Convention 2006 being held at the ultra-modern Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. Even if you can’t pick up tickets – and they’re undoubtedly selling fast – you can stand outside and cheer as some of Britain’s top clowns arrive to network with their peers and exchange tips on exploding cigars, collapsing cars and big floppy shoes. “Network with their peers” is from the no-expense-spared Convention brochure, by the way. They’re clowning around there too, of course, mocking the self-important and gaseous jargon of modern govspeak: the Convention “aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the agenda” with “prestigious keynote speakers”, I think that’s how it goes.

Hang on, I’ll just get my copy of the brochure and check. Yes, that was right. And look, here’s one of the rib-tickling speeches scheduled for the first day: “Lessons from Around the World: Canada’s multiclownalism: could it work–” Whoa, wait a minute. I seem to have misread that. Yep, it should be “Canada’s multiculturalism.” Uh-oh. I hope I haven’t been misleading you. Let me have another... Oh, Christ, I have. It isn’t a Clown Convention at all, it’s a Race Convention. Now, how on earth could I have confused the two?

Trevor Phillips with a red nose

Trevor Phillips keeps Britain smiling

Very easily. In fact, the main difference between a Clown Convention and a Race Convention is that the latter would be much funnier. Given a choice between Coco the Clown and Trevor Phillips, the Head of the Commission for Racial Equality, what self-respecting comedy fan could hesitate a moment? It would be Klever Trevor every time. I mean, Trev’s a guy who, for decades, foamed with outrage whenever anyone ventured the slightest criticism of multiculturalism and other aspects of Britain’s vibrant race policies: “Bigot!” “Racist!” “Fascist!” And then Trev turns around and, with an absolutely straight face, starts repeating exactly what those “bigots” and “racists” have been saying all along.

Here, for example, is the old Trevor sniffing out and denouncing “liberal Powellism” in 2004 (the far-sighted politician Enoch Powell made an infamous speech denouncing mass immigration in 1968):

Genteel xenophobia is as bad as any other kind

Some liberals have given up on the idea of a multi-ethnic Britain

Nice people do racism too. Liberal commitment to a multi-ethnic Britain is wilting. Some very nice folk have apparently decided that the nation’s real problem is too many immigrants of too many kinds. Faced with a daily onslaught against migrants it may be understandable to give in to populist bigotry; but it is not forgivable. The xenophobes should come clean. Their argument is not about immigration at all. They are liberal Powellites; what really bothers them is race and culture. If today’s immigrants were white people from the old Commonwealth, [the liberal Powellites] would say that they pose no threat because they share Anglo-Saxon values. They may not even object to Anglophile Indians – as long as they aren’t Muslims. The government ought to be suspicious about the advice of liberal Powellites. Minority Britons once looked to them for support. We learned the hard way that they are always totally committed to your cause – until they change their minds. In the immortal words of David Brent [a left-wing British “comedian”]: “You have to get 100% behind someone before you can stab them in the back.” (The Guardian, 16th February 2004)

And here’s the new improved Trevor sliding the stiletto in two years later:

Muslims who want sharia law “should leave”

Muslims who wish to live under a system of sharia law should leave Britain, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality suggested yesterday. Speaking in the wake of demonstrations against Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, Trevor Phillips said those living in the UK had to accept that British values include a commitment to freedom of speech [except for White nationalists], even if that means offending people. He rejected the idea that British Muslims should be allowed to live under sharia law in their communities. “I don’t think that’s conceivable,” he said. “We have one set of laws ... and that’s the end of the story. If you want to have laws decided in another way, you have to live somewhere else.” (The Guardian, 27th February 2006)

That’s smoke and mirrors, of course, intended to fool Whites into thinking the government intends to do something about our looming race-disaster, but it’s still a sign that political conditions are changing fast. No wonder Trev’s come under attack from Britain’s most PC politician:

Livingstone in “BNP” jibe at race equality chief

The outspoken mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, yesterday accused the African Caribbean head of Britain’s race equality watchdog of having become so rightwing he could be soon a member of the British National party. Mr Livingstone’s remarks were directed at Trevor Phillips, chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, who said this week that the Notting Hill carnival held in London during the bank holiday weekend was not a triumph of multiculturalism. Mr Livingstone said Mr Phillips had at one time flirted with black power, before deciding to pander to the right: “He’d had a brief sort of black power fling – and ever since then he’s gone so far over to the other side that I expect soon he’ll be joining the BNP,” he told BBC Radio. (The Guardian, 1st September 2006)

Ken Livingston with Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Ken Livingstone gazes adoringly at
Yusuf “Burn Gays Alive?” al-Qaradawi

Livingstone himself is a self-serving hypocrite who will happily support “fascists” so long as they have brown skin, but he’s right that Trev has come a long way. I couldn’t find a bigger version of the photo below on the left, but the blow-up should show you how down he was widda bruddas in his student days:

Student Trevor Phillips with Sue Slipman and David Aaronovitch  >>  Student Trevor Phillips with Sue Slipman and David Aaronovitch (enlarged)

Black brudda Trevor Phillips way back when

And who are the honkies with him? Well, I hope you’re sitting down for this, but they aren’t actually honkies at all but J-e-w-s. One is Susan Slipman, the other is David Aaronovitch and both, like Trevor, are now prominent members of Britain’s caring, sharing liberal community. In those days both, like Trevor, were enthusiastic communists. It was that youthful idealism of theirs, you see: Sue, Dave and Trev hated Hitler and loved Lenin because they couldn’t bear the idea of committing mass murder for the wrong reasons. But they saw the error of their ways in the end and recognized communism as the nihilistic death-cult it is. In other words, they saw that openly espousing communism wasn’t going to give them the power they longed for and decided to adopt a more moderate façade.

But their psychology hasn’t changed in the slightest: they’re still raving megalomaniacs and they still hate and want to destroy White Britain just as they did when they led the National Union of Students. That shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Western universities. Jewish Malleus leftorum Melanie Phillips, who was a wee bit of a radical herself once, has saluted the Australian Prime Minister for recognizing the deep sickness that infects them:

[John] Howard is the only western leader who has grasped that the greatest danger to the west lies in the way it has been attacked and undermined from within, a process that is continuing and which threatens to hand liberal democracy over to its Islamic enemies who are laying siege to it from without. He is the only one who puts these two things together, and is using his office as a bully pulpit from which to fight for the values of western civilisation in the culture war. Can you imagine President Bush, or Tony Blair or David Cameron, denouncing the universities as breeding grounds for left-wing enemies of civilisation? Of course not. Howard is Australia’s Churchill, and is the true leader of the west at this perilous time. What a pity he can’t run for President of the United States. (, 4th October 2006)

Ah, so the West has been “attacked and undermined from within” and our universities are “breeding grounds for left-wing enemies of civilisation.” Those are pretty sweeping statements, Mel, and though I agree with every word, you couldn’t be a little more specific, could you? I mean, how about naming a few names? No? Not gonna do it? Okay, let’s turn to another scourge of the left: the redneck sage’n’scholar Fred Reed. Now, Fred doesn’t think much of rabid anti-Semites like me. He thinks we have a lot in common with radical feminists: we’re hate-filled inadequates, that kind of thing. Well, okay, that’s me alright, but the funny thing is that Fred and I agree on almost everything else. It’s just that I’ll name the Jew and Fred won’t. Or rather, he’ll name the Jew but he won’t name the Jew as a Jew.

Here, for example, is Fred explaining his “Modest Proposal To Abolish Universities”:

By sending our young to college, we are impoverishing them, and ourselves, and sentencing them to a life of slavery in some grim cubicle painted federal-wall green. Personally, I’d rather be chained in a trireme. Besides, the effect of a university education can be gotten more easily by other means. If it is thought desirable to expose the young to low propaganda, any second-hand bookstore can provide copies of Trotsky, Marcuse, Gloria Steinem, and the Washington Post. (, 21st July 2006)

Jew #1: Leon Trotsky Jew #2: Herbert Marcuse Jew #3: Gloria Steinem

Fred sees Red: (L-R) Leon Trotsky; Herbert Marcuse; Gloria Steinem

Hey, Fred: didn’t you spot the common thread in that list? Leon Trotsky, Herbert Marcuse and Gloria Steinem are all members of a certain Chosen Race, and the Washington Post, why, that’s owned by members of the same Chosen Race. Are you sure that’s just a coincidence? Remember, you don’t believe it’s a coincidence that men dominate science and mathematics or that blacks dominate rape and robbery. And you say so too.

But saying that hasn’t cost Fred his career. Saying that the Jewish domination of subversive leftism is no coincidence certainly would cost him his career. Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips and the rest of the neo-con Jew-crew are continually weeping and wailing about the threat Islam poses to freedom in the West. And I agree with every word: Muslims are greedy, self-obsessed, White-hating alien fanatics who won’t be satisfied with anything short of absolute power. So no wonder Mark’n’Mel oppose them root and branch. After all, they’re infringing a Jewish copyright. Here’s the American historian Tony Judt, himself a dissident Jew, describing how the non-existent “Jewish Lobby” recently used its non-existent power against him:

I was due to speak this evening, in Manhattan, to a group called Network 20/20 comprising young business leaders, NGO, academics, etc, from the US and many countries. Topic: the Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. The meetings are always held at the Polish Consulate in Manhattan. I just received a call from the President of Network 20/20. The talk was cancelled because the Polish Consulate had been threatened by the Anti-Defamation League. Serial phone calls from ADL President Abe Foxman warned them off hosting anything involving Tony Judt. If they persisted, he warned, he would smear the charge of Polish collaboration with anti-Israeli anti-Semites (= me) all over the front page of every daily paper in the city (an indirect quote). They caved and Network 20/20 were forced to cancel. Whatever your views on the Middle East I hope you find this as serious and frightening as I do. This is, or used to be, the United States of America. (, 4th October 2006)

Yes, it used to be, but the Whites who created it, like the Whites who created Britain, committed the very serious mistake of letting the world’s greatest nation-wreckers come swarming across their borders. We can see what future those nation-wreckers have planned for us by “interrogating” the photograph chosen to symbolize the Race Convention 2006:

Non-white children outnumber White children at the Race Convention 2006 website

Racing for the Future 2.0

The Convention’s brochure boasts that it is a “Catalyst for Change.” Count the Whites and non-whites in the photo to see the kind of change it has in mind: it’s two Whites versus six non-whites (another and probably non-white child is just visible behind the White child on the left). And not only are the non-whites dominating the race, they separate the two Whites from each other. “No future for you, Whitey” is the message, and if you have any lingering doubts that it’s completely deliberate, just have a look at the larger photo from which the Race Convention 2006 photo is cropped. The Convention has sent six White children where they belong – into oblivion:

White children outnumber non-white children in the original of the photo used for the Race Convention 2006 website

Racing for the Future 1.0

Now let’s have a look at the “keynote speakers” for the Convention. Besides Klever Trevor and Ruth Kelly, the head of the government’s lunatic Commission for Integration and Cohesion, who do we find but Dave Aaronovitch, Trev’s old communist pal from student days? The Convention, according to its brochure, is “set to be a landmark event in our progress towards becoming a fair and equal society.” That’s a lie, of course. What it will really be is another step in our progress to a politically correct dictatorship overseen by black cretins like Trevor Phillips, white traitors like Ruth Kelly and Jewish puppet-masters like David Aaronovitch.

David Aaronovitch in his student days    David Aaronovitch three decades later

From teen communist to Times columnist:
Iraq warmonger David Aaronovitch

Unlike leopards, communists do change their spots, but they don’t change their lust for power and destruction. They just find new ways of achieving their old ends. In a sane, healthy society, clowns like Phillips, Kelly and Aaronovitch would be in a circus or zoo. That they’re all in positions of great power and influence instead is proof that Britain is no longer sane or healthy. And we’re not going to return to sanity and health while Phillips, Kelly and Aaronovitch remain where they are.


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