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Bully for Jew

History, Mystery and Sheeney Fever

“Bullies are always cowards.” Like most generalizations, that’s not completely true but it certainly seems to explain the behavior of many conservatives. “Kick the coon, kiss the kike” is their motto. Blacks don’t run the media, business, law and politics. Jews do. So conservatives will coon-bait, but they won’t kike-bait. If liberalism is a deadly growth strangling the West, as they claim, then Jews are plainly its chief gardeners and manure-spreaders. Principle therefore dictates that a few words of rebuke be dispatched in the direction of the Chosen every now and then. But self-preservation trumps principle for far too many conservatives.

Some go even further: when Jews say “Jump!”, they leave dents in the ceiling. A prime example is the distinguished conservative historian Paul Johnson. Jews carry some very big sticks and Johnson, who doesn’t want to end up like David Irving, won’t hear a word against them. Anti-Semitism? It’s a disease, my friend:

If anti-Semitism is a variety of racism, it is a most peculiar variety, with many unique characteristics. In my view as a historian, it is so peculiar that it deserves to be placed in a quite different category. I would call it an intellectual disease, a disease of the mind, extremely infectious and massively destructive. It is a disease to which both human individuals and entire human societies are prone. (“The Anti-Semitic Disease”, Commentary magazine, June 2005)

Anti-Semitism is fundamentally irrational, you see: the most mysterious and inexplicable of all prejudices. It’s inconsistent, it’s self-destructive, it seems to make no more sense than “malaria or meningitis.” Well, let’s examine that Johnsonian metaphor. Malaria is two things: first the infecting organism and second the set of symptoms caused by that organism. And both make perfect sense: the organism reproduces by infecting a body and the symptoms are a sign that the body is trying to resist the infection. So could anti-Semitism be analyzed as the symptoms of resistance to Jewish parasitism? After all, that would explain certain “unique characteristics” noted by our distinguished historian:

Anti-Semitism is very ancient, has never been associated with frontiers, and, although it has had its ups and downs, seems impervious to change.

Anti-Semitism is indeed very ancient, because Jews have been around for a very long time. And whenever they come into contact with non-Jews – bingo! Anti-Semitism springs up. Rather in the way malaria springs up whenever the malaria organism comes into contact with a human body. The theory that anti-Semitism is a disease caused by Jews – Sheeney Fever – therefore makes perfect sense. It can also explain Johnson’s observation that “anti-Semitism was and remains common [in Japan] even though there has never been a Jewish community there of any size.”

The Japanese have been perfectly capable of observing what goes on in the rest of the world and noting that Jews are bad news. Their anti-Semitism would therefore be pre-emptive rather than reactive, and it certainly seems to have done them a lot of good: for example, they haven’t been tricked by Jews into handing their nation over to aliens. This brings me to another of Johnson’s observations on Sheeney Fever. According to him, it’s “contradictory”:

Asked to explain why they hate Jews, anti-Semites contradict themselves. Jews are always showing off; they are hermetic and secretive. They will not assimilate; they assimilate only too well. They are too religious; they are too materialistic, and a threat to religion. They are uncultured; they have too much culture. They avoid manual work; they work too hard. They are miserly; they are ostentatious spenders. They are inveterate capitalists; they are born Communists. And so on. In all its myriad manifestations, the language of anti-Semitism through the ages is a dictionary of non-sequiturs and antonyms, a thesaurus of illogic and inconsistency.

It would take too long to unpick Johnson’s dishonesty and weaseling in detail, but let’s look at that last alleged contradiction: Jews are “inveterate capitalists”, but also “born Communists.” The White nation of America, whose success, according to Johnson, has been largely owed to Jews, is currently being invaded by Mexicans. In celebration of the invasion – fully approved and encouraged by the ex-communist, half-Jewish Mexican foreign minister Jorge G. Castañeda – the American national anthem has been recorded in Spanish as “Nuestro Himno”, or “Our Hymn.” But the marketing wizard behind the record isn’t Spanish or American: he’s an “Englishman” called Adam Kidron with an interesting history:

Jew-founded Socialist Workers Party logo

His father, the late Michael Kidron, was a famous Marxist theoretician and his uncle, the late “Tony Cliff”, was the leader of the largest Trotskyite party in Britain, the Socialist Workers Party or SWP (that’s their left fist logo [on the right]). Adam Kidron himself was a producer for a bunch of minor early 1980s New Wave musicians such as The Slits, Orchestre Rouge, and Scritti Politti. Many of the artists were leftwingers. (, April 2006)

Yigael Gluckstein, aka Ygael Gluckstein aka Tony Cliff
Uncle Yig: Power-Crazed Yid

I’ve written about Tony C. and the Swinging SWP before: Cliff’s real name was Yigael Gluckstein and he was a typical megalomaniac far-left crypto-rabbi. Like Michael Kidron, he believed firmly that violence, murder and persecution were sanctified by the Jewish Prophets Marx and Trotsky. Now, Yig the Yid and the Kidron Klan certainly seem to fit one side of Johnson’s alleged “Kikey Commies Can’t be Capitalists” contradiction, but if it is actually a contradiction there’s no way they could fit the other side. What are the facts? Let the “old anarcho-punk band” Zounds point you toward them as they describe work on an early record:

We had a guy engineering called Adam Kidron, he was the millionaire son and heir of the Socialist publisher who owned Pluto Press. He was really funny and we were very naïve and impressed by him. He talked us in to giving him producer royalties when we didn’t even know what royalties were and we thought we were producing the album ourselves. (

So Adam Kidron is the millionaire son of a millionaire “Smash the Capitalist Monster” socialist publisher. He’s also a committed left-winger who rips off struggling left-wing bands. This single Jewish individual embodies Paul Johnson’s alleged contradiction between “Jews are inveterate capitalists” and “Jews are born Communists.” In other words, anti-Semites are right and “Jew-lover” Johnson is wrong. Jews have one aim – power and wealth for themselves – but various ways of achieving that aim. Capitalism is one, communism is another, and sometimes they use both at once. But we can clearly see from the Kidrons and Uncle Gluckstein that one thing doesn’t change: Jewish greed, dishonesty and egomania.

Paul Johnson seems to have been thoroughly infected with that dishonesty himself. His essay in defence of those poor, down-trodden Jewish millionaires, media moguls and politicians seems to prove that his thesis is exactly the opposite of the truth. It’s not anti-Semitism that’s irrational, contradictory and self-destructive, it’s philo-Semitism – love of Jews. How badly Johnson is infected with the disease can be seen from this passage:

For centuries, and never more so than at present, the U.S. has harbored the poor and persecuted from the entire world, who have found freedom and prospered on its soil. America continues to receive more immigrants than any other country; its most recent arrivals, including the Cubans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, and the Lebanese, have become some of the richest groups in the country and are enthusiastic supporters of its democratic norms.

“Hear, hear!” you can hear millions of American liberals cry. In fact, this mythical history of America as haven-for-the-world has been invented by Jews like Emma “Bring me your huddled masses” Lazarus and Israel “Melting Pot” Zangwill. Like the Kidron Klan, Zangwill embodied a self-serving contradiction. While enthusiastically urging the goyim to melt in one big pot, he worked just as enthusiastically for an all-Jewish pot elsewhere:

Israel Zangwill

Israel Zangwill, Anglo-Jewish writer and political activist, was probably the best known Jew in the English-speaking world at the start of the twentieth century. Of his many plays on social mores and the world situation, his most enduring has been The Melting Pot, first performed in 1908. Zangwill was also an activist in the Zionist, pacifist, and women’s suffrage movements of the early twentieth century. In 1905, believing that the need to rescue Jews was urgent, he formed the Jewish Territorial Organization, the goal of which was to establish a homeland for the Jews wherever one could be found. When he died on August 1, 1926, the Jewish world mourned the loss of a prominent literary interpreter, defender, and public figure. (Jewish Virtual Library)

Zangwill’s hypocrisy, just like Adam Kidron’s, is easily explained. “Vot’s good for us?” is the guiding principle and destroying White homelands is obviously good for Jews. Adam Kidron, once a “co-founder and CEO” of a website devoted to black hip-hop, is working hard to that end by supporting Mexicans in their reconquista of the land stolen by evil gringos from their ancestors (as the old joke goes, the gringos stole the part with the paved roads). Blacks weren’t bringing down Whitey fast enough, you see, and their contact with Jews has – surprise, surprise – infected them with anti-Semitism. Mexicans promise much quicker results and haven’t turned strongly against Jews yet. They will, of course, just as the Muslims imported by Jews into Britain have, but the war on Whitey is much more important at the moment.

Yids exploit nigs – image from White Aryan Resistance

Anti-Semitism 101: Yids exploit Nigs...
(Image from

That Jewish hostility to Whites is very significant: they fear us because they know we can defeat their parasitic dream of ever-greater power and wealth at the expense of goyim. All we have to do is wake up and recognize our own racial interests with just a little of the strength with which Jews have always recognized theirs. The danger from the Jewish point of view is that the invasion of America and Europe by aliens will trigger this racial awareness, and so even as they work for victory they may be setting up their own defeat. “May you live in interesting times” goes the old Chinese curse. Jews have certainly made times interesting for Whites, but curses do sometimes return to sender.

Nigs turn on yids – image from White Aryan Resistance
...Nigs turn on Yids


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