Luke O’Farrell earlier today     28th May 2006

Bongo in Congo

Jews Use Jigaboos to Wage War on Whites

If you’re interested in endangered species, come and have a look at this one in the gilded cage over here. It might look unpleasantly bloated but don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. If I offer it a pizza, it will do a real cute trick... See, it’s finished the pizza already and is waddling over to that computer. Now it’s starting to type:

Harris Nyatsanza is standing on a precipice. In a few months – if his final, final asylum appeal fails – he will tumble over into the shadows. He fled Robert Mugabe’s abattoir-state in 2001: “I am a teacher, and I saw my country being destroyed. It was my job to teach civic education, so I did it properly. I told them about the opposition.” But this was suicide in Harare. “When I saw friends start to disappear, I realised I had to get out while I could.” He chose to come to London “because I know you have a great history of helping dissidents.” (Evening Standard, London, 5th May 2006)

Johann Hari, fat Jewish homosexual

Sheeney Shyster Johann Hari
“Will Write for Pizza”

This endangered species’ name is Johann Hari and it’s a fat Jewish homosexual that works mostly for The Independent, which is a kind of bad parody of Britain’s more famous fundy liberal newspaper The Guardian. JoHa fits in there so well that I sometimes wonder whether he’s a Cyborg-Sheeney invented by an evil neo-Nazi scientist to make Jews and liberals look ridiculous. I mean, look at his touching appeal above on behalf of a Zimbabwean asylum-seeker. Would even a real Jewish liberal be so arrogant and credit his readers with so little intelligence and historical knowledge? After all, who is responsible for Zimbabwe being an “abattoir-state” – and for South Africa sliding rapidly down the slope to join it?

Liberals and their Jewish puppet-masters, that’s who. Under White rule, the then Rhodesia was peaceful and prosperous and its black inhabitants were given as much power to govern themselves as their talents and intelligence equipped them for. That is, no power at all. But back in Britain and America, liberals were whipped by Jews into a frothing frenzy about the “evils” of White rule. Sanctions were imposed to destroy Rhodesia’s economy and force its White slave-masters into groveling submission before the liberal idols of Humbug and Hypocrisy. But it could have survived indefinitely had not South Africa adopted the sanctions too, in a doomed attempt to appease the same liberals. So power was handed over to blacks and the inevitable happened: Rhodesia rapidly metastasized into the “abattoir-state” of Zimbabwe.

If he’d been around at the time, Johann Hari would have been one of those shrieking for that peaceful, prosperous White-ruled nation to be handed over for destruction. His chutzpah at using the present condition of Zimbabwe to argue for Britain to be flooded with aliens would be breathtaking in a White journalist – but chutzpah is natural for Jews. They invented the word, after all. The truth about Britain and asylum-seekers is very simple. We don’t have any: they are all illegal immigrants. Britain has no moral obligation at all to accept men and women who travel thousands of miles through many safe countries to escape alleged persecution and oppression. Furthermore, we are insane to accept them. People who flee plague carry plague with them, and as sure as yids are yids refugees from disaster-zones will end up reproducing those disaster-zones here. Here’s JoHa tugging at his readers’ heart-strings again with a story about his trip to the disaster-zone of Congo:

It starts with a ward full of women who have been gang-raped and then shot in the vagina. I am standing in a makeshift ward in the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, the only hospital that is trying to deal with the bushfire of sexual violence in Eastern Congo. Most have wrapped themselves deep in their blankets so I can only see their eyes, staring blankly at me. Dr Denis Mukwege is speaking. “Around ten percent of the gang-rape victims have had this happen to them,” he says softly, his big hands tucked into his white coat. “We are trying to reconstruct their vaginas, their anuses, their intestines. It is a long process.” (The Independent, 6th May 2006)

But of course Cyborg-Sheeney JoHa is programmed to spout liberal platitudes when confronted with the truth about non-white behavior. Blacks who seem to commit atrocities are actually the helpless, innocent puppets of outside forces and everything going down in the Congo ’hood is actually our fault. White evil is so powerful that from thousands of miles away it can make black men rape black women and then shoot them in their genitals. Here’s JoHa explaining how:

The war in Congo has been waved aside as an internal African implosion. In reality it a battle for coltan and diamonds and cassiterite and gold, destined for sale in London and New York and Paris. It is a battle for the metals that make our technological society vibrate and ring and bling, and it has already claimed four million lives in five years and broken a population the size of Britain’s. No, this is not only a story about them. This – the tale of a short journey into the long Congolese war we in the West have fostered, fuelled and funded – is a story about you.

Well, I beg to differ. I don’t think the West – which will mean greedy Jews in many cases – is entirely to blame because I can see examples of extreme savagery by blacks much closer than the Bongo in Congo:

A 16-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped and forced to take heroin and crack cocaine before being murdered by a gang of six men. Reading crown court heard how Mary-Ann Leneghan was stabbed to death in a park in May 2005 after she and her 18-year-old friend were abducted. The friend survived, despite being shot in the head. On the opening day of the trial, Richard Latham QC, prosecuting, said that six men shared joint responsibility in the girls’ ordeal. Mary-Ann and her friend had been sitting in a car when they were abducted. They were bundled into a car boot and driven to a guesthouse, where the men booked a room.

According to accounts given by the friend, the men laid towels on the floor as soon as they entered to avoid leaving traces of blood. The women were subjected to “a concentrated sequence of controlled acts of violence and degradation” over a long period. They were made to strip, were hit with a pole, cut with knives, and raped. A gun was put into the 18-year-old’s mouth while the men laughed. They crowded round her while she was on all fours and told her they were going to cut off part of her genitals and feed it to her. (The Guardian, 14th January 2006)

The mutilated body of [black drug-dealer] Ray Samuels was discovered by a woman walking her dog in Epping Forest. Most of his skin had been sliced from his body and his tongue had been cut out – a sign that his killers believed him to be an informant. It appeared that he had been subjected to a lengthy torture session and finally died when a plastic bag was placed over his head. (The Observer, 26th August 2001)

An “extremely violent” gang is being hunted by police after a murdered man’s torso was dumped in a canal. The remains of Marvin Gentles, 28, were found in a shopping bag floating down Regents Canal in Primrose Hill, north London, on Friday. Mr Gentles, a Jamaican who had been living with his sister in Northolt, north-west London, had been stabbed and had his head and limbs cut off. (BBC News, 28th June 2005)

Remember that these are blacks in Britain. They had lives of unimaginable luxury by Congolese standards. But they still behaved like savages. When exactly will they stop? When evil Whitey has been stripped of all his power to oppress and that natural black goodness and compassion can finally rise to the surface? I don’t think so. I think that Johann Hari and other Jewish liberals are weeping crocodile tears over blacks in order to get their crocodile jaws more firmly locked on White nations. By making Whites feel irrationally (and irresponsibly) guilty, Jews are able to persuade them to let aliens come flooding in. The trouble is that these aliens then display their gratitude in ways that are starting to shock even liberals. The following story has not yet received a fraction of the attention it deserves, and one very important fact is being left out. What color are the crooks working on both the inside and the outside? You have precisely no guesses:

The cash-for-fake-ID scandal at the heart of the Government

An internal investigation at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has found that civil servants are colluding with organised criminals to steal personal identities on “an industrial scale.” Ministers have been privately warned that the investigation will show that hundreds of thousands of stolen personal details have been ripped off from official databases, often with inside help. Key personal details such as national insurance numbers can be used to commit benefit fraud, set up false bank accounts and obtain official documents such as passports.

The true scale of identity thefts from the Department for Work and Pensions came to light only when its own civil servants were the victims of an audacious attack on the Government’s tax credits. The personal details of 13,000 staff were passed to gangsters who used them to steal an estimated £15m [$27m] in benefits. Today, however, it can be revealed that the scam is just one of 25 incidents of “significant organised fraud” so far uncovered. The DWP refuses to comment, saying only that there is an “ongoing investigation.”

The sheer scale of the potential abuse was underlined by a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies which found that government departments hand out state support to 2.1 million lone parents – even though the best estimate is that Britain has just 1.9 million single-parent households. Mike Brewer of the IFS has said that the 200,000 “phantom” lone parents shows just how successful the ID fraudsters have become. (The Independent, 14th May 2006)

Jigaboos from Nigeria will certainly be responsible for some of this huge fraud, while jigaboos from Somalia, on the other side of Africa, keep their nostalgia at bay by doing their best to turn Britain into a war-zone just like home:

Youths bring violence from a war-torn land

In recent years, Somalis have been connected with some of the most high-profile murders in Britain. Mohamud Gure, a community leader in Islington, north London, said: “We are very, very alarmed by what is happening to Somali youth in this country. This is the first generation of Somalis who have come into adolescence here and there is a great deal of frustration and poverty and alienation and anger. Many of them still carry the trauma with them that they brought from Somalia as very young children. Some of them even saw their parents killed in front of them. Many have no father because he was killed in the chaos of Somalia. Some of them react by using violence, but it is only a very small minority because Somalis are a peace-loving people in general.” There are at least 100,000 Somalis in Britain, with up to 6,000 a year coming in as asylum seekers when the anarchy in their homeland grew worse in the late 1990s and early part of this century. (The Daily Telegraph, 20th May 2006)

So in full knowledge of the huge problems they are already causing, our government is allowing “up to 6,000” more “peace-loving” Somalis in every year to add to the “100,000” already here. Of course the real figure will be considerably higher – possibly double the official figure or more. The worse Africa’s plagues get, the harder Jews like Johann Hari will work at their violins, persuading Whites to welcome more and more plague-carriers in.

The price in rape, murder, theft and fraud is then paid by Whites, not by JoHa and the rest of the Jew-crew. We have listened to their lies and manipulation for far too long, but they and their liberal dupes are definitely an endangered species. Big changes are under way in British politics and they’re becoming more and more obvious. Before the recent local elections, the JuLabour commissar Margaret “Enver” Hodge diagnosed one of them when she wailed that Whites were no longer “ashamed” to express support for the “far right” British National Party. The truth is starting to break through, you see, and it’s so grotesque that it’s leaving satire in its wake:

MPs shocked by fresh immigration revelations

A senior immigration official shocked MPs when he told them it wasn’t known how many people ordered to leave the country had actually been removed. Dave Roberts, the immigration service’s director of enforcement and removals, also admitted to the Commons home affairs committee yesterday that he had no idea how many of the 50,000 people supposed to report regularly to immigration officials actually did so. His admission that no records were kept of what happened to immigration offenders who have been told to leave the country prompted disbelief amongst the MPs conducting an inquiry into Britain’s immigration control. (The Guardian, 17th May 2006)

Sex for illegal visa boss

Jigaboo James Dawute, illegal immigrant working in the British immigration service

A suspended immigration chief facing a sex-for-visas probe was an illegal immigrant himself, The Sun can reveal. James Dawute, 53, is believed to have arrived from Ghana as a visitor, then stayed on unlawfully when his visa expired. Disclosures about his background add to the scandals already plaguing the Home Office’s beleaguered Immigration and Nationality Directorate. According to a furious whistleblower, Dawute arrived in Britain during the 1980s and remained when he should have left. The father of four is a chief immigration officer at the centre – a post that carries a salary of up to £30,000 [$54,000] a year. He was taped demanding sex from an 18-year-old asylum seeker called Tanya. He promised to help her after picking her out of a queue at Croydon. He is now suspended while an investigation is carried out into a complaint from the girl. (The Sun, 26th May 2006)

Mentally ill foreign criminals free

Home Secretary John Reid is to report to Parliament on claims that hundreds of mentally ill foreign criminals have been released without being considered for deportation. Mr Reid came under fire from Tories after claims that as many as 500 foreign nationals, including murderers, rapists and paedophiles, had been freed from secure hospitals without being removed from the country. His Conservative shadow David Davis accused him of failing to alert the public to the potential danger, in spite of being made aware of it more than a week ago. A Home Office spokesman insisted that Mr Reid told MPs about shortcomings in the monitoring of foreign nationals in secure hospitals in a statement earlier this week. No figure was available for the number released, but officials were ploughing through files to identify the individuals involved and establish what has happened to them, so that Mr Reid can update Parliament. (The Guardian, 27th May 2006)

These stories are only the pimple on a Jew’s nose: there is much, much more to be revealed about what JuLabour’s nine years of incompetence and malevolence have done to Britain. Previous governments were strangling us slowly; JuLabour has tightened its grip on our neck till its knuckles popped. British Whites have been lied to over and over again about the consequences of mass immigration and “asylum”-seeking, but once we see through the lies we aren’t going to be fooled again. Jewish brainwashing is starting to wear off and when Jews lose their power to deceive and manipulate, they lose everything. I really don’t think Johann Hari will be sitting in his gilded cage at The Independent and writing flim-flam for pizza much longer.


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