Luke O’Farrell earlier today     15 SEPTEMBER 2005

Divide and Rule

When Jews are Up, Whites are Down

I’m fascist, you’re fascist, we’re all fascist – but what does “fascist” actually mean? Well, in ancient Rome the fasces were a symbolic collection of birch rods bound together with ribbons. They symbolized authority and justice and what both were based on: strength through unity. A birch rod on its own can easily be broken; bound with other birch rods, it becomes much stronger. Fascism, then, is about binding the people of a nation together to increase their strength and ensure their survival, because a strong, united nation can easily identify and fight against its enemies.

That’s why Jews hate unity among Whites and always work to undermine and destroy it. To Jews, happy, peaceful, racially pure White nations are worse than a tax on noses. The late Dr William Pierce of the National Alliance described their behavior like this:

Destruction is not their primary goal, but rather sucking. But the fact is that the method they use for softening up a society so that they can suck its blood is inherently destructive. When they approach any healthy, homogeneous society, in which the people have a strong sense of identity and community, the Jews are outsiders. They are different, and they are regarded with suspicion. If they try sucking any blood, they’ll be slapped down hard. So their first task is to undermine the people’s sense of community and identity and at the same time to destroy their homogeneity, to make the society more diverse. Then the Jews can slip in unnoticed and take over. But by that time the society no longer is healthy; it has been poisoned. The people no longer have the will to resist. (Free Speech, June 2001)

You can sum it up in three more words from ancient Rome: Divide et Impera, Divide and Rule. Jews stood out in the racially pure, culturally peaceful societies of older Europe and America. Even when we couldn’t identify them by their ugly faces and hook noses, we could see their pushiness, dishonesty, and greed and be on our guard against them. So Jews set to work destroying our racial purity and stirring up cultural strife.

They worked to open the floodgates of mass immigration from the Third World and started brainwashing Gentiles with the lies and trickery of the Jewish Marx and the Jewish Freud, first turning men against women and class against class, then inventing new categories of victim and oppressor: “gays” and “straights”, children and parents, students and teachers, disabled and able-bodied. In the meantime they got the floodgates of mass immigration open and were able to start exploiting the inevitable racial conflicts that followed.

Now Whites are fighting wars on a dozen fronts. Even worse, we’re fighting amongst ourselves. Feminism, for example, was a Jewish invention designed to turn White women against their menfolk, and it’s succeeded admirably. Countless millions of White men, women, and children have been made miserable by it, but White misery means Jewish power and expecting Jews to stop promoting feminism would be like expecting a leech to stop sucking blood or a virus to stop replicating itself. And indeed, Dr Pierce described Jewish “Divide and Rule” as almost a “genetically programmed survival behavior.” Manipulation, exploitation, and hypocrisy seem as natural for Jews as leg-lifting is for dogs and cannibalism is for blacks.

Exhibit #1: A Jew who is a real son of a ’vitch: the repulsive London-based journalist David Aaronovitch, long a regular in the ultra-liberal Guardian, now appearing also in The Times, which is – a lot like Britain as a whole – a sorry, Jew-infested parody of its former self. Aaronovitch’s weasely features peer out there regularly above columns swirling with that trademark Jewish smoke-and-mirrors. One week he’s gloating over the racial mongrelizing of London – “Who wants British society to be as white as Narvik in January?” – the next he’s musing on man’s inhumanity to man. Look at what the Japanese did to Allied soldiers! Then again, look at what the Allies did to the Axis at Hiroshima and Dresden! And isn’t there a case to be made that bombing innocent civilians from 30,000 feet is somehow even worse than committing your evil face-to-face?

Well, no, Aaronovitch goes on, because – and here the violins start up and the onions come out – “by this token the machinegun squads of the Einsatzgruppen [the Nazi killing-squads in Poland and the Soviet Union] were superior to the men who, later on, put the Zyklon B into the ceiling vents of the gas chambers.” Which is obviously absurd, so Aaronovitch concludes that the thoughts in one’s heart are what determine the gravity of one’s crime. After all, the Allies weren’t evil racists and a reckless teenage driver who wipes out a family in their car clearly does not inhabit “the same ethical universe as an SS man or a member of the Ukrainian militia.”

And who, you might ask, are the “Ukrainian militia”? Were they perhaps an auxiliary arm of the communist state confiscating food and suppressing resistance during the not-so-notorious Ukrainian famine of the early 1930s, in which millions of Whites were deliberately starved to death? No, not quite. They were in fact allies of the Germans during World War II and for some reason they weren’t big fans of the ever loveable, ever unjustly persecuted Jews. But surely Aaronovitch, in his catalog of twentieth-century man’s inhumanity to man, mentioned at least one example of the many millions of men, women, and children slaughtered by communists all around the world over many decades?

Nope. Not even one. And why might that be? Well, not only was communism invented and run by Jews, financed by Jews, and promoted assiduously for many decades by Jews, it was wholeheartedly embraced by the particular Jew under survey. David Aaronovitch, like many NuLabour ministers and media cheerleaders, was an enthusiastic communist in his youth and in 1975 he paid a lighthearted tribute to the Party on the quiz show University Challenge. He didn’t make it through to the second round, because he and his comrades on the University of Manchester team answered every question with the name of a communist revolutionary, like the part-Jewish Lenin and the fully Jewish Trotsky.

What a laugh! Lenin and Trotsky, like the SS repeatedly mentioned in Aaronovitch’s catalog of twentieth-century evil, were responsible for mass murder and concentration camps, but that’s okay, because Lenin and Trotsky, unlike the SS, didn’t murder and imprison the Chosen Ones. By White standards, Aaronovitch is a breath-taking hypocrite; by Jewish standards, he’s a loyal and valuable leech and virus, constantly working to manipulate and demoralize the Whites of Britain. Letting Jews like him have power in a White society is like putting a thirsty vampire in charge of a blood-bank or a hungry hyena in charge of a day care center: stupid, careless, and rapidly fatal.


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