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Enoching on Heaven’s Door

W.A.D.’s Up W.Y.D. Whitey?

Re-reading Nineteen Eighty-Four is getting more and more like re-reading a tourist brochure as your jet touches down at the airport. It’s been a long time coming but the wait’s nearly over now. The words on the page are about to become vibrant reality. Vibrations are what microphones pick up, after all:

Winston picked his way up the lane through dappled light and shade, stepping out into pools of gold wherever the boughs parted. Under the trees to the left of him the ground was misty with bluebells. The air seemed to kiss one’s skin. From somewhere deeper in the heart of the wood came the droning of ring doves. [But] you could not assume that you were much safer in the country than in London. There were no telescreens, of course, but there was always the danger of concealed microphones by which your voice might be picked up and recognized. (Nineteen Eighty-Four, Part 2, chapter 2)

Police are considering installing a next generation of CCTV camera that is powerful enough to record people’s conversations up to 100 yards away. Ultra-sensitive microphones may be attached to surveillance systems across the UK, so law enforcement has the chance to thwart aggressive behaviour before it turns violent. Councils and transport authorities have also reportedly expressed interest in installing the new systems before the London Olympics in 2012. (, 30th November 2006)

So British citizens may have their privacy swept away in order to protect them from terrorists. And who might they be, exactly? Wild-eyed fanatics from the Church of England’s notorious suicide-bomber brigades? Nope. Anglicans would rather make jam than wage jihad. That’s a Muslim term and thanks to mass immigration Britain has huge numbers of Muslims on its soil. The usually quoted figure is 1.6 million; the real figure is probably much closer to 3 million. Either way, it’s Muslims who are largely responsible for the Orwellian proposal above. Ordinary Whites never wanted them here but politicians, academics and journalists knew better. “Diversity is Our Strength and migrants will help keep Britain booming!” Or more accurately: boom-boom-boom-booming:

Four suicide bombers, Hasib Hussain, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Germaine Lindsay and Shehzad Tanweer, struck in central London on Thursday 7 July, killing 52 people and injuring more than 770. The co-ordinated attacks hit the transport system as the morning rush hour drew to a close. (BBC News overview 2005)

In other words, Diversity is Our Death and Mutilation. The traitorous politicians responsible for this terrorism then use it as an excuse to take away our freedoms. Flying heads they win; bombs packed with nails we lose. Orwell predicted that too, just as he predicted the lies on which future politics would be based:

Even the names of the four Ministries by which we are governed exhibit a sort of impudence in their deliberate reversal of the facts. The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy; they are deliberate exercises in doublethink. (Nineteen Eighty-Four, Part 2, chapter 9)

Modern Britain has a Ministry of Equality that concerns itself with inequality – elevating ethnics, whipping Whitey. Its name is the oxymoronic “Commission for Racial Equality” and its previous head was someone called Gurbux Singh. He resigned with a £120,000 ($230,000) pay-off after getting drunk and brawling with policemen at a cricket match. That was the only time he ever really hit the headlines, but his successor, Trevor Phillips, has rushed out swinging week after week. As I’ve pointed out before, “Sir” Trevor is a black version of Tony Blair: narcissistic, publicity-crazed and stupid. The latest of Klever Trevor’s serial stupidities came at the Race Convention 2006:

White flight “increasing segregation”

The flight of the middle classes from the inner cities is threatening to undo 30 years of progress that has made Britain the best place in Europe for ethnic minorities, the country’s race equality chief said yesterday. Trevor Phillips, the outgoing chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), said increased polarisation and segregation in areas deserted by the better-off was “the great threat” to the development of a diverse and harmonious society.

Speaking at a conference in London to mark the 30th anniversary of the Race Relations Act, which set up the CRE, he said: “Britain is by far the best place in Europe to live if you are not white.” But he feared that trends unforeseen in the 1970s were placing this in jeopardy. “As a nation we are becoming more ethnically segregated by residence and inequality is being amplified by our separate lives,” he said.

His warnings about deepening divisions have landed him in hot water with some race lobbyists and led Ken Livingstone, the London mayor, to boycott the conference. But Mr Phillips has become increasingly concerned that the departure of the predominantly white middle classes from the inner cities – and out of the country altogether in some cases – will make the creation of a multi-ethnic society harder to achieve. (The Daily Telegraph, 29th November 2006)

You got that? Sir Trev is bravely warning us about dangers “unforeseen” in the 1970s. Back then, absolutely everyone thought letting huge numbers of Muslims and other non-whites into a white Christian nation was certain to create Race Paradise in just a few years. Well, absolutely everyone who mattered did. But that evil White racist Enoch Powell didn’t. In fact, he was foreseeing what lay ahead even before the 1970s:

It almost passes belief that at this moment twenty or thirty additional immigrant children are arriving from overseas in Wolverhampton alone every week – and that means fifteen or twenty additional families of a decade or two hence. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. (Speech in Birmingham, England, 20th April 1968)

So Enoch Powell warned us that we were turning Britain into a “funeral pyre” in 1968. Klever Trevor denounced him as a “racist” for nearly forty years, then suddenly started to say the same things:

Race boss warns of “fire” on streets

The head of Britain’s race relations watchdog has warned there will be “fire” on the streets unless growing racial tensions can be resolved. Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, says divisions created by the recent row about Muslim women wearing the veil risk becoming “the trigger for the grim spiral that produced riots in the north of England five years ago. Only this time the conflict could be much worse.”

In what will be seen as his swansong before he becomes head of the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights, Phillips says: “All the recent evidence shows that we are, as a society, becoming more socially polarised by race and faith ... In many of our cities things cannot get any worse.” (The Sunday Times, 22nd October 2006)

Enoch Powell ’Sir’ Trevor Phillips shows off his medal from Whitey

Left: White prophet Enoch Powell was never honored by Britain
Right: Jigaboo clown Trevor Phillips received the O.B.E.* in 1999

(*Order of the British Empire)

How Sir Trev must wish he could drop all his old pro-multi-culti speeches, interviews, articles and books down the memory-hole! But despite his public U-turn there, Trev remains the same anti-White authoritarian as he was of old. Remember that our Black Knight is getting agitated about White Flight. How dare honkies leave Britain’s cities? Don’t they realize how privileged they are to “interact” with Diversely Rich Ethnic Communities from all over the world? Worse than that, some honkies aren’t even fleeing horizontally – they’re actually going underground to avoid contact with our DRECs. Six feet underground, in fact:

Teenagers guilty of killing City lawyer

Two teenage muggers were facing life sentences after being convicted of murdering a high-flying lawyer. Donnel Carty, 19, and Delano Brown, 18, were found guilty of stabbing Tom ap Rhys Pryce, 31, during a robbery. The former friends, who thought of themselves as cousins, had blamed each other for the killing in January.

Two black killers Tom ap Rhys Pryce

L-R: Black murderers; White victim

Mr ap Rhys Pryce was targeted soon after leaving Kensal Green underground station in north west London. He was accosted and chased to within feet of his home in Bathurst Gardens and left to die in the gutter after being stabbed twice in the chest. After a struggle in which he was also punched and kicked, the solicitor handed over the last of his things, telling his attackers: “You’ve got everything.”

Carty, who months earlier had made a CD rap featuring stabbing and death, denied being with Brown. Brown said he was with Carty but did not realise there was a knife and that the lawyer had been stabbed. Carty sold Mr ap Rhys Pryce’s mobile the next morning for £30 [$57] to a grocer’s assistant in College Road, near the murder scene. He had also been photographed trying to use the dead man’s travelcard at Kensal Green station. The defendants were arrested six days after the murder. (, 28th November 2006)

By December last year when Carty and Brown were just 18 and 17 respectively, they had become ruthlessly efficient violent robbers, key members of a gang that called itself the KG Tribe. Carty had become “Armani” and Brown “Shy.” When police searched Brown’s house they found a collection of balaclavas with eye slits cut out. Their preferred method was “steaming”, hitting the underground in numbers to target commuters for their wallets and valuables. Anyone who resisted would be “juked”, or stabbed, usually in the leg. Some police sources have speculated the gang may have been responsible for up to 150 violent robberies on the tube in a seven-month period. On December 23 last year, Carty, Brown and six other gang members attacked 10 victims on the underground, stabbing two. (The Guardian, 2nd December 2006)

Tom ap Rhys Pryce was middle-class, which didn’t make his murder more or less important to me but did mean it got a lot of attention from middle-class journalists. The same ones who have ignored what’s been happening to the White working-class for decades. Immigrants have flooded in and when working-class Whites have objected, official anathemas have thundered down. “Racists! Bigots! Fascists!” I’m middle-class myself and I confess that I didn’t see the Blight as quickly as I should have done. Other middle-class people are still failing to see it. Tom Pryce’s killers weren’t – of course – the only ugly black faces to appear in the crime pages of British newspapers recently:

Sadistic robbers jailed for life

Sadistic black robbers

A gang of armed robbers have been jailed for life for kidnapping people and subjecting them to “sadistic and gratuitous violence.” More than a dozen pedestrians and motorists in London were beaten and stripped of their valuables. One man had his arm broken and another was tortured with a cigarette lighter. Pedro Frota, Sofian Majera, and Robert Lincoln, all from east London, admitted 17 robberies. The court heard they cruised London at night armed with guns, knives and baseball bats looking for victims.

Judge Witold Pawlak told Jamaican national Lincoln, 18, from Barking, Rwandan Majera, 22, from nearby Dagenham, and Portuguese national Pedro Frota, 19, from Barking, they must serve a minimum of seven years before they could be considered for parole. “Your crimes were usually late at night. You hunted in a pack and your violence was sadistic and gratuitous,” he told them. “In fact, each of you is addicted to violence and you treated your victims as though they were characters in an arcade game.” All four defendants, who have previous convictions, face deportation after their sentences have been served. (BBC News, 13th November 2006)

Face deportation? I’ll believe it when I see it, but let’s suppose they are actually deported in the end. How many more vicious non-white criminals will have entered Britain or been born here while White taxpayers fund this vibrant trio’s stay in prison? The judge’s comments were prescient, though. To non-whites like these, violence is indeed a game:

Muggers commit crimes for “kicks”

Street robbers often carry out their crimes for the thrill as much as for the financial gain, a report has said. The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) study interviewed 120 offenders in England and Wales. The report said previous attempts to explain violent street crime put too much focus on the desire for gain, and not enough on the aspect of “pleasure.” The report said both the amount and the severity of gratuitous violence used in street robbery was increasing in the UK. It was a “worrying social problem” that was poorly documented and understood. Some offenders found robbery to be a pleasurable activity in itself, interviewers found. Cash made from crime was often spent on “status-enhancing” items to boost the offender’s street credibility. (BBC News, 29th November 2006)

White hand holding a knife

Sadistic black robbers Two black killers

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation denies racial reality

Above: White hand holding knife
Below: Five of Britain’s countless black thugs

The BBC illustrated this story with a photo of a hand holding a knife. The hand, as you can see above, was white. Elsewhere you’d have waited in vain to see any discussion of how violent and sadistic crime is a dazzling Ethnic Success Story. Despite being oppressed minorities, non-whites dominate murder, rape and robbery in Britain, just as they do in other Western nations. It is undoubtedly the case that some non-white crime against Whites is motivated by hatred, envy and “racism”, but discussing non-white crime is taboo. When a Conservative member of parliament raised the question, he was slapped down hard by his compassionate and caring leader David “Bliar 2.0” Cameron:

Cameron “unhappy” over MP’s remark on black criminals

A Tory MP who suggested that the majority of criminals were black was carpeted by party officials yesterday. Bob Spink, the Conservative MP for Castle Point, Essex, who denied that he was being racist, made the claim in an email to a constituent. Tory sources said yesterday that “senior party officials” had spoken to the MP to make clear the unhappiness of David Cameron, the party leader, with the “clumsy” way he had expressed himself.

While they accepted Mr Spink’s assurances that he was not being racist, party officials said Mr Cameron would not have tackled such a sensitive issue in that way. The Tory leader has sought to show that the party has abandoned its “nasty” image to become more welcoming to ethnic minorities. Denis MacShane, the Labour MP for Rotherham, claimed that Mr Spink’s outburst showed the Tories still had a long way to go. (The Daily Telegraph, 28th November 2006)

David Cameron, Bliar Mk 2 Denis MacShane, NuLabour anti-racist

“Trust us! We’re Friends of Israel!”
L-R: David Cameron; Denis MacShane

A nation in which it’s dangerous to speak the truth is plainly diseased, but what is the disease called? Well, take a look at the background of Denis MacShane, the NuLabour anti-racist above. His real name is Denis Matyjaszek and he’s a member of the neo-con Henry Jackson Society, which believes in “proactively” spreading “liberal democracy” across the world, “including by military intervention.” Does it surprise you to learn that Den’s also a staunch “Friend of Israel” and sat on a parliamentary committee that condemned rising anti-Semitism in Britain? It shouldn’t and although I’m not sure Denis “MacShane” is Jewish, he might as well be. This is the source of the disease infecting Britain and the rest of the West. On 1st December it was W.A.D., or World AIDS Day, and countless white Western liberals wept and wailed to show how much they cared. Me, I want a W.Y.D. A.S.A.P.

W.Y.D. stands for World YIDS Day, and YIDS stands for Yid-Induced Downward Spiral, the disease all Western nations are suffering from. Pernicious ideologies like multi-culturalism and anti-racism are based on the lies of Jews like Karl Marx and Franz Boas. One of their most famous disciples was a Jewish pseudo-scientist called Stephen Jay Gould. He worked tirelessly to teach the world that “Race Does Not Exist” and that “IQ Tests Measure Only Evil White Male Prejudice.” His labors did not go unrewarded. Gould gets 119 hits on The Guardian ’s website and all references to him seem to be positive or neutral. The genuine scientist Chris Brand, who was persecuted for speaking the truth about race and intelligence, gets two hits on the Guardian site and one of those is for an article attacking him.

Stephen Jay Gould, Jewish pseudo-scientist

“Trust me! I’m Jewish!”
Marxist charlatan S. J. Gould

But the high intelligence of humans has its disadvantages. Fish aren’t very bright but it can be much harder to fool them than to fool us. In the Indo-Pacific Ocean, for example, there’s a species of fish called Labroides dimidiatus. It cleans parasites from other fish but it has a dangerous mimic called Aspidontus taeniatus. The mimic fools its victims into letting it get close, then bites chunks out of them. How does it fool them? Well, you can’t pull the wool over a fish’s eyes with words, because fish don’t use words. Instead, the mimic has evolved to look almost exactly like the real thing. Could you tell the difference?

Cleaner fish (above); false cleaner fish (below)

Above: Cleaner Fish, Labroides dimidiatus
Below: False Cleaner Fish, Aspidontus taeniatus

Now let’s go back to Stephen Jay Gould and his “Race Does Not Exist” lie. Whites have always had the evidence of their own eyes that race does exist: non-whites don’t just look different, they act different too. But Jews like Gould have managed to persuade Whites to ignore the evidence of their own eyes and believe that “We’re All the Same Under the Skin.” Beethoven and Snoop Doggy Dogg, Shakespeare and Maya Angelou – hey, they’re all part of the same Big Human Family and There Is No Important Difference Between Them.

Black is White: Lesson 1

Ludwig van Beethoven Snoop Doggy Dogg

Left: Ludwig van Beethoven
Right: Snoop Doggy Dogg

Black is White: Lesson 2

William Shakespeare Maya Angelou

Left: Maya Angelou
Right: William Shakespeare

In other words, big-brained Whites have been far easier to fool than small-brained fish! But we are now entering the Twilight of the Goulds – Jewish lies about race are crumbling and the vital importance of racial difference is becoming more and more apparent. It has been both stupid and dangerous to let blacks like Trevor Phillips have any power or influence in the West, because blacks will wreck our nations as surely as they have wrecked their own. Look at what happened in Malawi under the rule of Hastings Banda:

Barely a month after independence, Malawi suffered a cabinet crisis. Several of Banda’s ministers presented him with proposals designed to limit his powers. He had already been accused of autocratic tendencies. Banda responded by dismissing four of the ministers, and two others resigned in sympathy. The dissidents fled the country. Banda became the first President of Malawi on July 6, 1966. At the same time, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was declared to be the only legal party; the country had been a de facto one-party state since independence. In 1970, a congress of the MCP declared Banda its president for life. In 1971, the legislature declared Banda President for Life of Malawi as well. His official title was His Excellency the Life President of the Republic of Malawi, Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda. The title Ngwazi means “great lion” in Chicheŵa.

Banda ran a repressive police state where no dissent was tolerated. Opponents were either exiled, like Kanyama Chiume, or killed, like Dick Matenje and Dr Attati Mpakati. His government was rigidly authoritarian, even by African standards of the time. He was the subject of a cult of personality. Every business building was required to have an official picture of Banda hanging on the wall, and no poster, clock or picture could be higher than his picture. Before every movie, a clip of Banda waving to the people was shown while the anthem played. The press and radio were tightly controlled, and mainly served as outlets for government propaganda. His government supervised the people’s lives very closely. All adult citizens were required to be members of the MCP. Party cards had to be carried at all times, and had to be presented in random police inspections. (Kikipedia entry for “Hastings Banda”)

The older Trevor Phillips gets, the more he looks like Hastings Banda:

Hastings Banda Trevor Phillips

Left: Power-crazed jigaboo Hastings Banda
Right: Power-crazed jigaboo Trevor Phillips

In this case, the close resemblance tells the truth, because Phillips has the same authoritarian instincts as Banda:

Tackle “stealth racism”, says CRE chair

Trevor Phillips today called for new powers to tackle “racism by stealth” as he argued that BNP members should be banned from working in the public sector. The outgoing chair of the Commission for Racial Equality warned that racial segregation was fuelling inequality and the popularity of the far-right party.

Thirty years after the Race Relations Act was first introduced, Mr Phillips outlined the challenges ahead. Today’s pressing challenge was to eliminate “stealth racism”, which cost the nation billions of pounds in the wastage of talent and capability, and which Mr Phillips defined as “the racism that smiles to your face just as it’s dumping your job application in the bin marked ‘not white enough’.”

Special measures were needed to allow employers to take positive action to introduce racial integration in the workplace, Mr Phillips said, hinting at shortlists made up exclusively of applicants from black and ethnic-minority backgrounds. The Metropolitan police had already indicated that efforts to make London’s police force representative of the community it served would take a century to achieve, Mr Phillips said. New laws were needed to “crack the problem.” (The Guardian, 27th November 2006)

Remember this: AIDS doesn’t kill people directly. Instead, it destroys their immune system and they’re killed by opportunistic infections. “Klever Trevor” Phillips is an opportunistic infection brought about by our infection with YIDS viruses like Karl Marx and Stephen Jay Gould. They’ve destroyed our immune system and we’d better get it working again fast.


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