Luke O’Farrell earlier today     25th June 2006

Blight to the Nations

Paying the Price for Olly’s Folly

30th January, 1649. It wasn’t a day that lived long enough in infamy to mean anything to most people today (I had to look it up myself). But it’s when, in my opinion, the most important single event of the past 500 years took place. What was it? The beheading of King Charles I of England. One small chop for a man, one giant leap for mankind – a leap into the abyss. Charles I embodied English tradition. Killing him therefore symbolized the destruction of that tradition. It was a deliberate signal that English society was starting afresh with new rules made by the arrogant men responsible for his death. The leader of those arrogant men, Oliver Cromwell, was the forerunner of later Utopians like Robespierre, Lenin and Mao, and they, like him, committed mass murder in pursuit of their Brave New Worlds. In every case, a Jew-invented ideology was at work: Christianity, egalitarianism, Marxism.

Tony Blair and New Labour haven’t been responsible for mass murder on the scale of Lenin or Mao yet, but in his slimy way Bliar’s also one of Cromwell’s heirs. That’s why it was highly appropriate that he should have recently celebrated another of Cromwell’s disasters:

Tony Blair celebrates 350 years of kikes in Britain
Smirking in Synagogue:
Our chief shabbas goy meets his masters

Blair salutes “true friend” Israel

The Prime Minister has told the great and the good of Britain’s Jewish community that Israel would “always be a true friend” of the UK. Tony Blair also praised the “courage and resolution” of the Jewish people at a ceremony to mark the 350th anniversary of the resettlement of Jews in England. Mr Blair, who wore a traditional Jewish skullcap throughout the thanksgiving service at the historic Bevis Marks Synagogue in London, said that Britain’s relationship with Israel had never been “better or deeper.” He said that since the misery of the Holocaust, Jewish communities that had rebuilt across Europe and the world had asserted and defended Israel’s right to exist.

He said: “It has never been easy, as you know, for the Jewish people – but what courage and resolution. So much suffering yet so much capacity to renew in the face of it. So much persecution yet so much determination to conquer it.” He added: “As I said at the meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister [on Monday 12th June – was Bliar receiving his instructions for an attack on Iran?], relations between Britain and Israel have never been better or deeper. I know this country will always be the true friend of Israel.”

Mr Blair said it was “impossible” to imagine a modern Britain without the Jewish community. He said that since the resettlement of Jews in the 17th century, all areas of British life have been “illuminated” by the names of “distinguished” Jews. “Throughout these years since then, the community has shown how it is possible to retain a clear faith and a clear identity and, at the same time, be thoroughly British,” he said. “As the oldest minority faith community in this country, you show how identity through faith can be combined with a deep loyalty to our nation.” He added that although Jewish people had “too often” been victims of hatred, they had also inspired “respect, admiration and awe.” (Press Association, 13th June 2006)

’Sir’ Philip Green, a deeply loyal Jewish tax-dodger

Laughing all the way to a tax-haven in Monaco:
The deeply loyal “British” Jew “Sir” Philip Green

Britain “will always be the true friend of Israel.” This was a toadying promise from Britain’s chief shabbas goy as he celebrated the 350th anniversary of Olly’s folly. Oliver Cromwell let the Jews officially back into England for the first time since their expulsion under Edward I in 1290 – and the beheading of King Charles may have been their belated revenge for that well-deserved expulsion. Either way, a perfect example of the “deep loyalty” they’ve shown since their return is the billionaire retailer Philip Green, who was knighted by the Queen a few days after Bliar’s toadying speech. To avoid paying tax in Britain, “Sir” Philip officially resides in Monaco. More “deeply loyal” Jews can be found among those who worked to turn Britain into part of the mass-murdering Soviet empire, like the physicist Klaus Fuchs. Britain gave him refuge from Hitler and he re-paid her by giving – not selling – her atomic secrets to Stalin. When a Jew gives secrets away for free, you know he must have a firm belief in the cause.

Jews can’t betray Britain to mass-murdering communists any more, but their voices are still the loudest among those shrieking in support of the mass immigration, multi-culturalism and anti-racism that are destroying Britain. Exactly the same is true of America and here’s Larry Auster, one of those very rare Jews who will criticize their own race:

If America had known when admitting Jewish immigrants between 1880 and 1920 that the descendants of those immigrants would oppose America’s right to have any future control over immigration, would America have admitted those immigrants in the first place?

As a descendant of Eastern Europe Jews, I never would have imagined that to be descended from immigrants requires a person to have more allegiance to future prospective immigrants than to America; nor would most European-Americans who are descended from 19th and early 20th century immigrants imagine such a thing. But many Jews, as well as many Catholics, think otherwise. They think that because they come from immigrants, their sacred mission in the universe is to crusade for open borders and deny any ability on America’s part to have any say about who comes into this country.

I say that this is a legitimate point to make to the open-borders Jews and Catholics. “Was this part of the deal when your grandparents were admitted into America? That the fact that America let your grandparents into this country requires you to subvert America’s national existence? In that case, your grandparents shouldn’t have been admitted in the first place.” (View from the Right, 27th May 2006)

But Auster’s Jewish dishonesty shines through in his attempt to pretend that Catholics are somehow equal partners in the war on America. The majority of American Catholics don’t support the pro-ethnic, pro-immigrant policies of their bishops and Catholic politicians like Ted Kennedy. The majority of Jews, on the other hand, fully support the pro-ethnic, pro-immigrant Jewish elite. “Subvert” is the mot juif: it’s what they do not just in America but in every White nation foolish enough to allow them power and influence. As I pointed out in my previous column, one of their most potent weapons of subversion is non-whites. In Britain we’ve got the jigaboo clown “Sir” Trevor Phillips, a close friend of Peter “Prince of Darkness” Mandelson and now the “Chairman” of the Commission for Racial Equality. It’s a symptom of how deeply Britain is infected with Jew-invented ideological diseases that an organization with a name like that wasn’t laughed out of existence long ago. When we return to health again, perhaps Trevor can be put to work on something better suited to his intelligence and talents. I’d suggest shining shoes or cleaning lavatories.

Until that happy day, Britain’s Whites have to put up with Trevor lecturing them on how best they should run their society for the benefit of aliens. For example, he recently addressed the question of how Britain’s security services can better fight the threat of Muslim terrorism. People like him are directly responsible for this threat through their policies on race and mass immigration, but this has apparently had no effect on Trevor’s blithe assurance that he can prevent the growing disaster:

Security services need more Muslim operatives, says CRE chief

The head of Britain’s race relations watchdog will tonight question whether the police and security services are “fit for purpose.” Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, will also float the idea of changing the law to force quotas for ethnic minority recruits on to the police. His controversial intervention, in a speech tonight, will warn that bungled raids such as the one in east London further alienate the Muslim community. “I can’t say for certain whether I think we should go down this road; and if we do how exactly we’d do it,” he will say. “But I do know that we have to debate such measures if we are going to avoid the spectre of a mainly white security and justice apparatus policing increasingly aggrieved and hostile black and Asian communities.” (The Guardian, 19th June 2006)

But give Trevor his due: he’s certainly got a great talent for narcissistic self-promotion and has mastered all the arts of spin. His speeches get a great deal of publicity both before and after they’re delivered. In this one he was telling British Whites that, in order to cure a disease caused by socialists like him, they should swallow medicine supplied by socialists like him. The result, of course, will be that the disease gets more virulent. Not only will increasing the “diversity” of the British security services make corruption and misconduct worse, it will also help terrorists to operate more effectively. Muslim officers and agents will leak information to their “brothers” out of sympathy or in fear of retribution, and clever Muslim terrorists will actually try to infiltrate the police and intelligence agencies, if they haven’t already done so. Trevor is not pointing Britain out of the morass but deeper into it.

And I think that’s exactly what he means to do. Jew-invented communism follows a Jewish recipe for pleasure and profit: create chaos in order to take control. Like so many in JuLabour, Trevor Phillips has a background in communism and radical student politics:

At the end of last year [1999] Phillips, along with a number of other celebrities, was invited by the Financial Times to nominate his three books of the century. His first choice was nothing less than Lenin’s What Is To Be Done? (1902), and the reasons he gave deserve to be quoted in full:

Yes, of course he was wrong about Communism, but he was the most astonishing tactical genius in modern political history, turning a tiny irrelevant sect into the mightiest political organization ever seen. This is the most influential political book of the 20th century, a testament to the significance of the individual in history: it could teach New Labour a thing or two about organization.

And this is the voice of moderation. Probably Phillips doesn’t stand convicted of anything worse than ignorance and insensitivity. It is unlikely that, given the chance, he would try to organize his own Cheka: like a great deal of New Labour rhetoric, his statement doesn’t really mean what it says. It reveals something – something disquieting – about New Labour’s instinctive preferences; but what it mostly confirms is how happy Blair and his henchmen are, bouncing around on a trampoline of meaningless slogans and empty phrases. (New Criterion, April 2000)

Robert Mugabe, megalomaniac dictator of Jew-ruined Zimbabwe    ‘Clever’ Trevor Phillips, head of Britain’s race-police
Robert Mugabe and Trevor Phillips

A sight to warm the hearts of our deeply loyal Jews:
A pair of Whitey-hating Marxist jigaboos.

Six years on, I wonder if the writer of that piece still thinks it “unlikely” that Phillips and other JuLabour commissars would try to organize their own Cheka? After all, when they came into power they were constrained by Britain’s traditions. But Blair and Phillips are Cromwellites: they want to destroy tradition and create a Brave New World guided by their own inner wisdom and goodness. Destroying tradition is precisely what they’ve been doing for the past nine years and sooner or later we will all see how much inner wisdom and goodness Bliar and his commissars have. That is, none at all.

But as the disasters caused by their policies deepen, they can increase their power at our expense using the excuse that they are trying to protect us. In other words, it’s in the interest of Bliar and Phillips to make things worse, and it’s more and more apparent that they know this perfectly well. Here’s the journalist Henry Porter writing of New Labour’s nine-year assault on Old Britain:

Writing these columns about our lost liberties, I constantly want to apologise to the readers who have had to endure so much laborious detail. Yet it is only in the detail that you understand that Tony Blair’s government is not merely mad and incompetent, but that it is bad, in fact, rotten to the core, and has not the slightest respect for British liberty and the individual. (The Observer, 18th June 2006)

But why should a Jewish puppet like Tony Blair and a jigaboo like Trevor Phillips have respect for British liberty and the individual? They want power, money and a stage for their grossly inflated egos to posture on. Only by following Jewish orders can they get what they want, and the consequences of following Jewish orders are clear in disaster-zones like Zimbabwe and Iraq. They’re becoming clear in Europe and America now too. Below you can see a propaganda photo from the Second World War. It shows a White British man laughing as he reads a leaflet dropped by the Luftwaffe over Britain in 1940. The leaflet is “A Last Appeal to Reason" by Adolf Hitler. Would that man still have been laughing if he had known what lay ahead for Britain? Millions of aliens swarming across his homeland’s borders to add to the millions already here? A jigaboo called “Sir” Trevor Phillips lecturing Whites on how to accelerate their own destruction? And the British prime minister frantically sucking up to the race responsible for the whole disaster?

A British white laughs at Hitler’s ‘Last Appeal to Reason’ in 1940
Who’s laughing now, White man?

The Jew Philip Green laughs 66 years later as Britain slides further into the Judeo-communist abyss
The nose knows...


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