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Do Wrong Ron

Jewnatics Are Running The Asylum

Fuck Black People. Let me say it again: Fuck Black People. Is anyone out there offended? Well, if you are, there’s someone you should report to the police first, because those aren’t my own words. I’m merely quoting the original title of a “racist drama” broadcast by the BBC on 30th August:

BBC drama draws racism fire

A black activist has called on black people to refuse to pay the license fee after it broadcast a drama that has drawn accusations of racism. Shoot The Messenger, written by black playwright Sharon Foster, depicted a black teacher whose attempts to improve the lives of his young black students are met with hostility. Falsely accused of assaulting a pupil, he blames the attitudes and actions of black people for all his woes, and begins to lose his grip on sanity. The deliberately provocative drama – originally meant to be titled F*** Black People – included lines such as “Everything bad that’s ever happened to me involved a black person” and “We should go back to slavery, we were good at that.” Now Toyin Agbetu, founder of Ligali, a black media campaign group, has called on black people to withold their license fee until the BBC “stop showing things like this and start treating black people with respect, not just as entertainers or musicians or criminals.” He said: “I personally refuse to pay my licence tax, as I prefer to call it, and we would urge people to withhold theirs in support... I am not prepared to support a film that characterises our community in such a negative way.” (, 31st August 2006)

Can you imagine the cataclysmic effects on black self-esteem of such a drama being beamed into millions of homes by a publicly funded state broadcaster? Can you imagine how many evil White racists up and down the country have had their vile opinions confirmed by it? It was a hate-crime on a scale the Heretical Hezbollah can only dream about and no whining attempt to claim it was merely reflecting reality could exonerate those responsible. Under Britain’s Jew-sponsored, Jew-drafted, Jew-enforced race laws, Truth is No Defense.

But anyone who’s wondering when the creators of Shoot the Messenger are going to appear in court to answer for their “incitement to racial hatred” should stop wondering now. It just ain’t going to happen, because Britain’s race laws were never genuinely intended to promote racial harmony. No, they were intended to intimidate and silence Whites who could see where mass immigration and Britain’s race policies would take us – to disaster. That disaster is now heating the ground beneath our feet and Shoot the Messenger is one of the signs that even the deluded liberals of the BBC are starting to smell their shoes smoldering. Ten or even five years ago such a program would have been unthinkable, just as it would have been unthinkable for the head of the Commissariat for Squaring Circles – better-known as the Commission for Racial Equality – to rear on his hind legs and announce that multi-culturalism had to be discarded.

But Trevor Phillips, head of the CRE, has announced exactly that, which means that White nationalists have been able to enjoy the delicious spectacle of “Clever Trevor” being outbid in political correctness by a honky:

Mayor’s BNP outburst at Phillips

‘Clever’ Trevor Phillips ponders the truth of Ken Livingstone’s remarks

London’s mayor Ken Livingstone has said Trevor Phillips had “an absolutely disgraceful record” at the Commission for Racial Equality. He accused Mr Philips of trying to “move the race agenda away from a celebration of multiculturalism.” The CRE said Mr Phillips’ views on multiculturalism had been “well-documented” and “well-supported.” Mr Livingstone made his comments after Mr Phillips had rejected a newspaper’s description of the weekend’s carnival in Notting Hill as “the triumph of multiculturalism.” Mr Phillips had said: “Though it’s a fabulous party, carnival can hardly be said to represent the everyday culture of most of London’s communities.”

Mr Livingstone, who has clashed with Mr Phillips in the past, accused him of “trying to move the race agenda away from the celebration of multi-culturalism and pandering to the right. I think, I have to say, he has an absolutely disgraceful record,” the London mayor told BBC London 94.9. He went on: “When he was appointed to run the CRE, it did an awful lot of work taking up genuine cases. What he did was turn it into a vast press department and wind down all the legal work.” Mr Livingstone claimed Mr Phillips had “denounced” him as a racist during the first London mayoral election in 2000, when he had “a brief sort of black power fling. Ever since then he’s gone so far over to the other side that I expect soon he’ll be joining the BNP [British National Party].” (BBC News, 1st September 2006)

White politician accuses Britain’s chief jigaboo of being about to join Britain’s chief racist party! The hypocritical Livingstone is joking, of course, but it’s a joke with a vicious sting of truth. Phillips and the rest of the New Labour crew are indeed starting to echo what the BNP have said for decades. The very peculiar Ruth Kelly – a “Minister for Women and Equality” who looks and sounds like a teenage boy – has been “tasked” with steering the “Commission for Integration and Cohesion” as it tries to find an alternative to the disastrous failures of multi-culturalism. Reading the speech she made as she launched JuLabour’s CIC fantasies will be a treat for all connoisseurs of doublethink:

Ruth Kelly, the highly masculine ‘Minister for Communities’ and ‘Minister for Women and Equality’

It is clear that our ideas and policies should not be based on special treatment for minority ethnic or faith communities. That would only exacerbate division rather than help build cohesion. And as a society we have to have the confidence to say no to certain suggestions from particular ethnic groups. But at the same time, to make sure everyone can be treated equally, there are some programmes that will need to treat groups differently. (24th August 2006)

So in one breath she tells us minorities won’t have special treatment, and in the next she tells us that they will! And how exactly does she think “particular ethnic groups” – which is code for “Muslims” – are going to react when Britain, “as a society”, confidently rejects their “certain suggestions”? Will they accept their brush-off with a shrug and a rueful smile? No, of course not. After forty years during which Britain’s traitorous politicians have taught ethnics that Whitey will pander to their every whim, that’s about as likely as Abraham Foxman taking a week’s vow of silence on the Holocaust™ or Ariel Sharon winning next year’s New York marathon. Note also Kelly’s unmistakable implication that Muslims are not part of Britain “as a society.” They can’t be, because otherwise she would be saying that they should reject their own “certain suggestions.”

That she was too stupid to realize the implications of her own words comes as no surprise. Like her master Tony Blair, Kelly combines stupidity and blindness with extreme deviousness and dishonesty. That’s the kind of white politician Jews like and in my columns I’ve pointed out again and again that Blair is a Jewish tool. He’s been surrounded by and funded by Jews since well before he became prime minister, but don’t think anything will change if, as seems increasingly likely, he is toppled in the near future. His rumored former lover Gordon Brown has been his heir apparent since 1997, so guess what? The Jews have been careful to buy a controlling share in Brown Incorporated too:

Sir Ronald Cohen: Midas with a mission – to make Gordon king

Kike crook ‘Sir’ Ronald Cohen (left) with race-traitor Gordon Brown

In lining up Sir Ronald Cohen to bankroll his leadership bid, Gordon Brown could hardly have made a more inspired choice. He is not only one of the most powerful men in Britain, combining discretion with a reputation for ruthlessness; as a former acolyte of Tony Blair, nobody else could be better calculated to put the prime minister’s nose out of joint. The Egypt-born Jewish multi-millionaire has already given £800,000 [$1.4m] to Labour and is said to be planning a “shadow” fundraising campaign that perfectly mirrors the one performed by Lord Levy for Blair. With a fortune put at £70m [$126m] by The Sunday Times Rich List, Cohen lives at an elegant £15m property in west London with his third wife, Sharon Harel-Cohen. Here they give lavish parties for the likes of the Rothschilds, the Rausing billionaires and Cohen’s old mentor Sir Clive Sinclair. At their home in New York they have welcomed their friends the Clintons.

He fell under Blair’s spell in 1996. “I decided that here was a man who was capable of implementing a programme that I have believed in for 30 years,” he declared, after sealing his conversion with a large cheque for Labour, reported to be £100,000 [$180,000]. Cohen moved into Brown’s orbit in 2000, when the chancellor appointed him chairman of a Treasury fund set up to encourage investment in deprived areas of the country. The next year he was rewarded with a knighthood. There were also signs that Cohen had begun to usurp Levy’s role as go-between in the Middle East. Last year, along with Blair and Brown, he met Ehud Olmert, deputy to Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon and a possible successor.

But Cohen’s emergence into the spotlight has highlighted business links that might prove embarrassing to him and Brown. His most successful investment was in the software company Autonomy. Cohen’s Apax sold its shares in 2000 just before the internet crash, walking away with a profit of about £150m [$270m] on its £1.8m [$3.2m] investment. However, Cohen’s business partner, John McMonigall, continued to serve as director of Autonomy while the firm rebuilt its fortunes by winning lucrative government contracts. There is nothing sinister in this: raising venture capital depends on networks of likeminded investors, a principle pioneered by Cohen. But the appearance of financial cronyism, allied to the vexed issue of government extravagance on failing computer systems, does not sit well with the chancellor’s austere image. Brown’s banker may be in for a bumpy ride. (The Sunday Times, 23rd January 2005)

That line – “There is nothing sinister in this” – is almost certainly owed to Britain’s highly unfair libel laws, which Robert Maxwell exploited throughout his career of looting and larceny. “Sir” Ronald, like Bliar’s backer “Lord” Levy, is another pushy, greedy Jewish crook who hasn’t been so much donating to JuLabour as making investments in expectation of excellent returns. Here’s another example of how Cohen’s investment in Brown might be very good business for him:

There is more than £2.4bn [$4.3bn] lying unclaimed in Britain’s banks and savings institutions. The bulk is in National Savings accounts and Premium Bonds. The Treasury-backed savings schemes confirmed this weekend that they have dormant funds totalling £1.8bn. The figures, uncovered by The Observer, have come to light following recent changes in international accounting standards, forcing banks to classify dormant accounts as liabilities instead of assets. Until now, most British banks have used dormant accounts – those untouched for more than 15 years – to inflate their profits.

The investigation was triggered after the Commission on Unclaimed Assets led by Sir Ronald Cohen, the venture capital tycoon, outlined its vision last Wednesday for a social investment bank which would use dormant funds to help inner-city businesses, fund social enterprises and alleviate poverty in Britain. But the £2.4bn found by The Observer will inevitably be only a part of the cash mountain as banks such as Abbey, HBOS, Allied Irish, Clydesdale and the Co-operative have not yet been included. Banks have long fought against an outside agency getting hold of unclaimed money but the Treasury has been persuaded by Cohen that the move would help tackle economic disadvantage. (The Observer, 16th July 2006)

It will indeed “tackle economic disadvantage”, because Jews always feel disadvantaged by not being able to get their hands on more money. In this case, the money Cohen and his cronies want to use for their own ends properly belongs to the original depositors or their heirs. Bliar is trying his best to stop Gordon Brown following him into Number 10, but whether or not he succeeds, one thing is sure: Britain’s next prime minister will be yet another Jewish tool. That’s why we are still heading into the maelstrom of race war. Multi-culturalism has been a disastrous failure but what was the alternative? If we’d tried “persuading” our ethnic guests into Britishness, that would have failed disastrously too and probably much sooner. Today, the attempt to defend our “free-dumbs” against Muslim terrorism with two million Muslims on our own doorstep is doomed from the start. Their presence in our country corrupts us and them just as our presence in their countries corrupts them and us. Britain’s Jew-deluded liberals and Jew-bought politicians have been trying to build a house on an active volcano and sooner or later, despite the hugely expensive asbestos floor, tungsten walls and steel ceiling, the lava is going to come flooding in.


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