Luke O’Farrell earlier today     22nd October 2006

Straw Power

Multi-Culti is Dead! Long Live Multi-Culti!

Kriss Donald and Codie Stott. Two White teenagers, two symbols of Britain’s slide into the abyss. Kriss Donald was fifteen when he was kidnapped by a gang of Pakistani Muslims in Glasgow two years ago. He was tortured, soaked in gasoline and set on fire for no other reason than that he was White. It was one of the worst murders ever committed in Britain, so naturally enough it was almost completely ignored by the national media. The trial of those responsible is now under way in Glasgow and once again the national media are yawning and looking the other way.

Now look at the case of Codie Stott. She’s a 14-year-old who was arrested and questioned for several hours by the police earlier this month. Her alleged crime was possibly the worst any human being can commit – any White human being, that is:

Codie was attending a GCSE science class at Harrop Fold High School in Worsley, Greater Manchester, when the incident happened. The teenager had not been in school the day before due to a hospital appointment and had missed the start of a project, so the teacher allocated her a group to sit with.

“She said I had to sit there with five Asian pupils,” said Codie yesterday. “Only one could speak English, so she had to tell that one what to do so she could explain in their language. Then she sat me with them and said ‘Discuss.’” According to Codie, the five – four boys and a girl – then began talking in a language she didn’t understand, thought to be Urdu, so she went to speak to the teacher.

“I said ‘I’m not being funny, but can I change groups because I can’t understand them?’ But she started shouting and screaming, saying ‘It’s racist, you’re going to get done by the police.’”(The Daily Mail, 13th October 2006)

Antony Edkins, Codie Stott’s headmaster Heinrich Himmler

“We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude.”
Left: Codie Stott’s headmaster; Right: Heinrich Himmler

And Codie was duly “done” by the police. Alas, no charge was brought against her, but you’ll be glad to hear that the fingerprints and DNA of this dangerous young thought-criminal are now on permanent record. I just wish the men who landed in France on D-Day in 1944 could have looked forward through time to see how Britain would cherish the freedoms they were about to fight and die for. Can’t you hear them cheering?

Me neither. I think they would have refused to go ashore or deserted to the enemy if they’d been able to see into the future. There are several very important messages in the cases of Kriss Donald and Codie Stott. The first is the role of the police. Kriss Donald died as a direct result of a deliberate policy: to treat Asian criminals in Glasgow with kid gloves. They were allowed to get away with more and more serious crimes, started to think they were untouchable, and finally did something so serious that even Glasgow’s police couldn’t turn a blind eye. Whereupon they abandoned their “homeland” and fled for the shelter of Pakistan. Shortly thereafter Pakistan supplied the cast for Codie Stott’s farce. She too was arrested as a direct result of a deliberate policy: to treat any hint of racial dissent by Whites with the utmost severity.

But the police themselves haven’t created these policies: they were imposed by the politicians who worship at the altar of multiculturalism. The rules that govern multiculturalism go like this:

1. All cultures are equal.
2. Some cultures are more equal than others.

If you look at Britain’s Labour government and can keep your stomach under control long enough, you’ll see hundreds of men and women who, throughout their careers, have supported these simple rules to the hilt and demonized anyone who dared to criticize them. Just recently, however, they’ve started to say multiculturalism maybe wasn’t such a good idea after all. There’s Jack Straw, for one, the Jewish ex-Foreign Secretary. He’s started a big public debate and seen his personal popularity shoot up by courageously speaking out on the topic.

So what has Jack said? Has he called for an urgent public enquiry into the multiculturalism that allowed a 15-year-old White boy to be kidnapped, tortured and burnt alive? Has he thunderously condemned the multiculturalists responsible for a 14-year-old White girl being arrested and interrogated for not being able to understand Urdu? No, of course not. Instead, Jack has said that talking with Muslim women in veils makes him feel “uncomfortable.” Kriss Donald being tortured and burnt alive? Not a problem. Codie Stott being arrested and treated like a dangerous criminal? Not a problem. Muslim women in veils? Big problem. Or rather, big opportunity for Jack the Jew to gain personal advantage from a disaster he and other power-hungry ideologues have created.

Jack Straw

Oy Veil! Vhere vill it all end?”
Jack “The Jew” Straw manoeuvers for power

Jack Straw has been in politics for more than forty years. He’s supported multiculturalism for practically every second of his egomaniac climb to the top. If it’s taken him till 2006 to raise doubts about what it’s doing to Britain, he’s either stupid or crooked or both. I think it’s both and one thing you should always remember about this government is that Straw and many others would have served just as happily in a murderous communist dictatorship. The “devout Catholic” Ruth Kelly isn’t one of them, but she’s still happy to help push Britain over the cliff of racial destruction. Blair brought her into his cabinet to introduce a dose of much-needed masculinity and she’s rewarded him by lying through her teeth ever since. Here’s part of the speech she made launching the “Commission for Integration and Cohesion” (CIC):

Ruth Kelly

I believe it is time now to engage in a new and honest debate about integration and cohesion in the UK. If we are to have an effective, progressive response to these issues, then we must be honest about the challenges we face and be prepared to meet these head on with renewed energy and impetus. This is why we have moved from a period of uniform consensus on the value of multiculturalism, to one where we can encourage that debate by questioning [sic] whether it is encouraging separateness.(Launch of CIC, 24th August 2006.)

There was never a “uniform consensus” on the “value of multiculturalism”, but Kelly and the rest can’t admit the truth because then they’d have to admit their central role in creating our present disaster. Then came another day, another speech from Ruth Kelly, and another set of shameless lies:

I’d like to start by talking about the successes of our diverse society. It is a society where over centuries and decades the contribution of those who have come to live in the UK has enriched it in every possible way. And that remains the case today. It is the very diversity of Britain which underpins our success, our dynamism and our international reputation.(Speech at Local Government House, London, 11th October 2006.)

Hear, hear! Britain earned a big international reputation last year when four young British lads successfully committed mass murder in London by blowing themselves up. What could be more dynamic than that? Our race-riots make headlines round the world too and plenty more of those are on their way – Summer ’07 is looking a very good bet. But Ruth went on to point out that Britain can’t rest on its laurels: we’ve got to understand the basis of this dazzling success and dynamism:

All of this needs to be grounded in a set of non-negotiable values. They belong to us all. They are found in Islam as much as in Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish and other traditions: respect for the law; freedom of speech; equality of opportunity; respect for others and responsibility towards others.

Puppet Tony Blair with puppet-master Peter Mandelson

Peter and his puppet:
Bliar and Mandelson

Kelly is lying through her teeth again. Freedom of speech and equality of opportunity do not exist in any religion, and least of all in Islam and Judaism. They’re White male inventions and White males are the only ones who can guarantee their continued existence. Okay, Kelly is pretty much a white male but she’s a devout Catholic, remember. The Catholic Church has never believed in freedom of speech. Tony Blair is a white male too, if less so than Ruth Kelly, but he’s under the control of a group of non-white males with names like “Lord” Levy and Peter “Prince of Darkness” Mandelson. Jews, in other words. And guess who got a special mention in Ruth Kelly’s second CIC fantasy?

There are also some people who don’t feel it right to join in the commemorations of Holocaust Memorial Day even though it has helped raise awareness not just of the Jewish holocaust, but also more contemporary atrocities like the Rwanda genocide. That’s also their right. But I can’t help wondering why those in leadership positions who say they want to achieve religious tolerance and a cohesive society would choose to boycott an event which marks, above all, our common humanity and respect for each other.

“Some people” is code for the Muslim Council of Britain, the moderate group that New Labour have finally realized aren’t so moderate after all. But they’ve got a very good case for boycotting HollowHoax Memorial Day. After all, if it’s meant to commemorate our “common humanity”, why isn’t it called Genocide Memorial Day? The government isn’t saying that some victims are more important than others, is it?

Not quite: it’s saying that some victims are much more important than others. Countless millions of innocent men, women and children have died in massacre and war throughout human history, but the title “Holocaust Memorial Day” tells us that the only ones who really matter are the six million Jews allegedly murdered by the Nazis during World War Two. The far more numerous victims of Jew-invented, Jew-imposed, Jew-financed communism, on the other hand, are dropped down the memory hole. HollowHoax Memorial Day is blatant propaganda whose main aim is to portray Jews as ever-innocent eternal victims. Its secondary aim is to demonize Whites as racists and destroy their resistance to mass immigration and multi-racialism, which help dilute the White majority and distract attention from what Jews are getting up to.

But I must admit Jews have good reason to fear standing out. Vile conspiracy theories about their alleged “influence” over politics and business are ever ready to surface. Here’s one that appeared in a British newspaper just a few days ago:

Special report: Team Cameron’s big Jewish backers

Prominent members of the Jewish community are playing a major role in financing David Cameron’s bid for power, a JC investigation can reveal. The biggest Jewish donor to the party while Mr Cameron has been leader is gaming magnate Lord Steinberg, who has donated £530,000, plus a loan of £250,000. Hedge-fund owner Stanley Fink has donated £103,000, even though he was a declared supporter of Mr Cameron’s leadership rival, Liam Fox. A further £250,000 has been loaned by philanthropist Dame Vivien Duffield.

During Mr Cameron’s campaign to lead his party, Jewish figures gave his team (as opposed to the party) additional donations of more than £60,000. According to the JC ’s inquiries, direct donations to “Team Cameron” in the leadership battle came from philanthropist Trevor Pears (around £20,000), Bicom chair Poju Zabludowicz (£15,000 plus £25,000 to the party), Next chief executive Simon Wolfson (£10,000 plus £50,000 to the party), former Carlton TV boss Michael Green (£10,000) and Tory deputy treasurer and key Cameron fundraiser Andrew Feldman (£10,000 through his family firm, Jayroma).

Beyond the donors, a small but influential group of Jewish Conservative officials and politicians were also key players in Mr Cameron’s campaign for the leadership. Among them was party treasurer Howard Leigh. Other senior figures around the leader include Oliver Letwin, head of policy [and] former shadow Home Secretary and shadow Chancellor. Although he is popular with Jewish Tories, Mr Cameron’s criticism of Israel’s actions in Lebanon sparked doubts – voiced particularly by Tory donor and former party treasurer Lord Kalms. However, Conservative Friends of Israel chair Richard Harrington stressed that the leader had given LFI [sic] “every possible access” and had met CFI officials several times. (The JC, 13th October 2006)

That reads like something out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – and look at that highly significant slip with the acronym “LFI”, or Labour Friends of Israel. It should have been “CFI”, or Conservative Friends of Israel, but the vile anti-Semites responsible for this laughable conspiracy-mongering obviously regard the two organizations as interchangeable. And who are those vile anti-Semites? Step forward two journalists on that odious far-right rag known as... The Jewish Chronicle.

Yep, there are all sorts of things Jews will say among themselves that they won’t say in front of the goyim. Among themselves, they gloat over their control of politics, business and the media; in front of the goyim, they loudly and tearfully deny it. When it suits them, they’re a persecuted minority; when it doesn’t, they disguise themselves as part of the White majority. It’s not good for Whites to notice how rich Jews are, for example, because that might raise all sorts of uncomfortable questions. So Jews cease to be an “ethnic group” for the purposes of articles like this:

Armenian immigrants and their descendants are the most successful ethnic group in the country, according to an analysis of “melting pot” Britain. They are followed by the Japanese, Dutch and Greek Cypriots among the groups who are economically and socially most successful. Bangladeshi Muslims and migrants from Sierra Leone and Syria have fared worst. A disproportionate number of company directors are from immigrant stock. The Japanese, Russians and people from the Nordic countries are heavily over-represented among the country’s 5.3m directors and partners. (The Sunday Times, 10th September 2006)

“Remember ze Holocaust! Ve haff no power, no influence, no nussink! And ve use it for the benefit of everyvon, cross our vollets!” But the truth is that Britain’s rapidly approaching destruction is the direct result of Jewish power and influence. Jews like Marx, Trotsky and Boas supplied the theory for multiculturalism, anti-racism and political correctness; Jews like “Lord” Levy, Jack Straw and Peter Mandelson provided the practice, with white traitors like Tony Blair and Ruth Kelly helping them every step of the way. And there are no excuses. We could see from the horrors of Indian Partition in 1947 that mass immigration by Muslims was always a very bad idea:

In July Britain’s Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act, which set a deadline of midnight on August 14-15, 1947 for “demarcation of the dominions of India.” As a result, at least 10 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs fled their homes to seek sanctuary on whichever side of the line was favorable to them. The ensuing communal massacres left at least one million dead, with the brunt of the suffering borne by the Sikhs who had been caught in the middle. (“The Partition of India”,

Muslims are in Britain because Jews wanted to camouflage their parasitism and keep Whites weak and divided. Now the disaster they’ve caused is becoming more and more obvious, but Whites have to accept a great deal of the blame too. Too many of us have known the truth and kept our heads down to avoid trouble. Well, trouble is now inevitable and if you’re still keeping quiet, you should ask yourself a simple question. Is anything you might go through for fighting back remotely comparable to what Kriss Donald had to go through?

The court heard Kriss, who lived in McCulloch Street, had no connection with his abductors and had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. During an ordeal which lasted more than four hours, the schoolboy was driven 200 miles from Pollokshields, to the Parkhead area, to Dundee and then back to Glasgow. The teenager was then driven up a dark lane to a lonely spot near the Clyde Walkway, where he was killed, according to deputy advocate Mark Stewart, in a “gruesome and callous execution.”

In a horrific account of his final moments, the jury was told Kriss was stabbed 13 times in a frenzied attack which severed one of his ribs, three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and kidney. He was then doused in petrol, set alight and left to die. Evidence suggests Kriss made his way down towards the Clyde and tried to extinguish the flames by rolling around in a muddy hollow near the cycle path where he was discovered.(The Scotsman, 18th November 2004)


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