Luke O’Farrell earlier today     11th June 2006

Punch and Jewdy

“That’s the Way to Jew It!”

When I was doing my degree in Critical Theory and Lesbian Studies, I spent one holiday working on the telephone help-line for two rental firms. To the outside world, the firms were arch rivals, but in fact they were owned by the same company and the same technicians used to do repairs for both. We had to keep this quiet, because it sometimes happened that customers with firm X would get angry at the service provided by the technicians and switch to firm Y.

Watching the current state of British politics, I have a strong sense of déjà vu. British voters have become angry with the service offered by party X and are switching to party Y. But unlike those rental customers, who couldn’t have been expected to know the full facts, I don’t think they have a good excuse for their futile behavior. Party X is Tony Blair’s New Labour. Party Y is David Cameron’s Conservatives. And it’s very obvious that the same “company” owns both: Shameron is the puppet on the right hand of the Jewish puppet-master and Bliar is the puppet on the left. Let’s look at the very close parallels between these two shabbas goys:

David Cameron, Bliar Mk 2   Tony ‘Bliar’ Blair

White voters are screwed whoever they choose,
’Cause both of these goys are owned by the Jews.

Bliar is a lawyer who was mentored by the Jew Eldred Tabachnik.
Shameron is a PR consultant who was mentored by the Jew Michael Green.

Bliar’s right-hand man is the Jew Peter Mandelson.
Shameron’s right-hand man is the Jew Oliver Letwin.

Bliar comes running whenever Labour Friends of Israel call.
Shameron comes running whenever Conservative Friends of Israel call.

Bliar and his party are funded by crooked Jewish plutocrats like “Lord” Levy and “Sir” Richard Garrard.
Shameron and his party are funded by crooked Jewish plutocrats like Jonathan Green and Trevor Pears.

As the old saying goes: “Hebe who pays the piper calls the tune.” Both Bliar and Shameron are piping a Jewish tune and expecting everyone else to dance to it. Just like Bliar, Shameron claims to be on the side of ordinary, decent families, so here’s one of the “ordinary, decent” families who watch him put his mouth where their money is:

Controversial landlord is Cameron cash backer

One of Conservative leader David Cameron’s new breed of business backers is a millionaire landlord who has been accused of using ruthless tactics against tenants. Trevor Pears, 42, whose family owns 15,000 properties, is alleged to be driving out small shops in favour of supermarkets and forcing out tenants through legal loopholes. The Pears empire is estimated to be worth more than £1bn [$1.8bn]. In one year the family paid themselves a £42m [$75m] dividend. But there have been repeated complaints about their methods. In 2000, they used what a court called a “repugnant” device to try to force out housing benefit tenants along the Brighton seafront. The company used the terms of obscure agreements to raise rents to an impossible £25,000 [$45,000] a year. It then sought evictions for arrears. The appeal court said this was “very serious”, and could have bankrupted tenants.

A Pears company bought housing blocks the same year from Greenwich Hospital, originally an elderly seafarers’ charity. Nick Raynsford, Labour MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, says the firm exploited its position once the property passed out of control of the crown. Rents were raised from £50 [$90] a week to £190 [$340] and many were forced out. Mr Raynsford said: “The Pears Group acted in a reprehensible way in their dealings with the elderly residents.” Last year, after investigating the Pears network of companies, the Office of Fair Trading obtained undertakings that they would stop using “potentially unfair” contracts for tenants. The Pears Group says it gave informal undertakings and cooperated fully with the OFT. (The Guardian, 3rd June 2006)

The J-word wasn’t mentioned in that article but it wasn’t needed. People who hear a shrill whining and then feel their blood being sucked can be pretty sure that mosquitoes are at work. Similarly, people who feel their blood being sucked and then hear a shrill whining can be pretty sure that Jews are at work. Trevor Pears said of The Guardian ’s investigation into him that: “This sort of politically motivated smearing may be why non-party-aligned individuals like myself find David Cameron’s approach so refreshing.” It’s that age-old Jewish whine: “Oy veh! Vhy are you picking on zis poor lovable Jew?”

And sure enough: a few moments on Google reveal that Pears is “Chairman” of the “Anti-Semitism Coordinating Unit” at the “United Jewish Israel Appeal.” His fellow blood-sucking sheeney “Sir” David Garrard couldn’t claim to be “non-party-aligned”, because he’s pursued his business interests by aligning himself with both JuLabour and the Kikey-Cons. But just like Pears, he can claim a proud record of sticking it to the goyim:

Labour lenders embroiled in inquiry into Allders failure

Two of the businessmen who lent money to the Labour party, Sir David Garrard and Andrew Rosenfeld [another kike], are involved in an investigation over a corporate collapse that has left 3,500 pensioners high and dry. Kroll, the insolvency practitioners, said yesterday that it was still investigating the role the pair played in the collapse of Allders, the department store group. A full investigation by the Department of Trade and Industry remains a possibility. Allders went into administration 14 months ago, leaving a pension scheme that was in deficit to the tune of £68m [$122m]. To this day, the pensioners are still in the dark as to whether they will see anything. Many of the 3,500 former employees of Allders have been appalled to learn of Sir David and Mr Rosenfeld’s secret loans to Labour.

The transactions under investigation include the sale of Allders’ Croydon store to Minerva in April 2004. Minerva always admitted that it took its stake in Allders so that it could get its hands on this freehold, which enabled it to develop its Park Place shopping centre project. Both Sir David and Mr Rosenfeld have said repeatedly that they did nothing wrong. After Allders went into administration, Mr Rosenfeld said he had felt “pretty bruised” by the saga, which cost Minerva £22m. Mr Rosenfeld said then that the pensioners were not his responsibility. A spokesman for Mr Rosenfeld declined to comment yesterday. Sir David was overseas and unavailable. (The Daily Telegraph, 23rd March 2006)

Jewish vampire ‘Sir’ David Garrard

Gloating Jewish vampire “Sir” David Garrard

Jewish vampire Andrew Rosenfeld

Garrard’s sidekick Andrew Rosenfeld

Garrard’s donations to both JuLabour and the Kikey-Cons have obviously paid off for him here – another article notes that “the Allders debacle has been largely ignored by politicians” – but then Jewish crooks like him and Trevor Pears fund all “mainstream” politics in Britain. That’s why it’s so ludicrous that White voters are switching from red to blue, from Bliar to Shameron. It’s like putting down a glass of cyanide and picking up a glass of strychnine, because both men are shabbas goys using their power not for the White majority but for the Jewish minority. JuLabour works tirelessly for niggers, naggers and faggots – it’s pro-ethnic, pro-feminist and pro-homosexual. All of those groups cause huge and growing harm in Britain just as they do in all other White nations. Shameron’s response has been: “Great! Let’s have more of the same!”

David Cameron’s first public gesture as Tory leader was to announce the creation of a candidates’ A-list, to boost the number of women and ethnic-minority MPs. But a “gAy list” of homosexuals whom the Conservative leadership is keen to see in Parliament is also being drawn up for their most winnable seats. Last week, a number of openly gay figures within the Tory party received letters asking them to apply to join an elite list of “priority” candidates who would have “a much higher chance of being selected for a winnable seat, and therefore, of becoming an MP after the next election.” (The Independent on Sunday, 5th February 2006)

Democracy no longer exists in Britain. Only two parties, Labour and Conservatives, will hold serious power here in the near future and both are run by shameless shabbas goys for the benefit of Jews. That’s why this country is looking more and more like the crumbling, totalitarian Britain of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), where only the thought-police work properly. It’s also why watching Bliar and Shameron compete for power is like this passage from Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945):

An uproar of voices was coming from the farmhouse. They rushed back and looked through the window again. Yes, a violent quarrel was in progress. There were shoutings, bangings on the table, sharp suspicious glances, furious denials. The source of the trouble appeared to be that Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had each played an ace of spades simultaneously. Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.


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