Luke O’Farrell earlier today     25th November 2007

Rhode to Ruin

From Breadbasket to Basket-Case

Of all Ian Smith’s many crimes against humanity, the most appalling, underhand and unforgivable is undoubtedly that he made liberals look stupid. The former Rhodesian Prime Minister said that black rule would be a disaster, which was bad enough, and was proved right in spades, which was worse. How dare he? How dare he set his personal knowledge of Rhodesia and of blacks against the wise and compassionate theories of liberals who never set foot in the place and have avoided living near blacks ever since? This unrepentant war-criminal has now died and brought humiliation to the liberals all over again. Still, they’ve not lost the courage that saw them risk laryngitis and jaw-strain as they pontificated back then about the evils of white rule. No, they’ve hit back hard at the claims that they somehow bear responsibility – huh! – for the transformation of food-exporting white Rhodesia into famine-stricken black Zimbabwe. If Smith hadn’t fought to preserve white fascism then, Mugabe wouldn’t be ruler now. Q.E.D.

No, if Smith had handed power over peacefully, Rhodesia would have gone like South Africa, which now has the rampant corruption and world-beating murder, rape and robbery metrics that suggest that it will easily match Zimbabwe in the end. Well, it’s easy to mock liberals for what their self-righteous narcissism has achieved in Zimbabwe, where their beloved blacks are now suffering real fascism and real misery, but it’s no joke for their victims. And their victims aren’t confined to Africa. The same lunatic theories of racial equality have been at work in white-majority nations, with the same results: death and misery. The day after the BBC sniffily reported Ian Smith’s death, it was describing the deaths of two other whites:

Inquiry into killer wrongly freed

An inquiry is being carried out into why a schizophrenic who stabbed a man to death had been wrongly released from prison just hours before the attack. Anthony Joseph had been released from prison in Manchester but should have been detained to face burglary charges. Within hours of his release he stabbed 28-year-old Richard Whelan seven times after throwing chips at his girlfriend on a London bus. Joseph admitted manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility. Joseph had been arrested in Sussex on 9 June 2005 and charged with two offences under the Child Abduction Act. He was remanded in custody until 29 July – the day he killed Mr Whelan – but the case against him collapsed. In a statement, Surrey Police said they were “mystified” as to why the prosecution case collapsed. At a hearing before magistrates in Staines on 29 July, lawyers for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) apparently asked for a three week adjournment to clarify issues in the case. The application was refused and Joseph was freed.

Anthony Joseph, black career criminal and murderer Richard Whelan, white murder victim

Left: Black career criminal Anthony Joseph
Right: His white victim Richard Whelan

Man killed for bumping into gang

Three men have been jailed for a “chilling” attack on a 19-year-old who was kicked to death after he bumped into one of them. Ian Page, from Neasden, north London, was with friends on Edgware Road, in nearby Colindale, when he was attacked. Andre Campbell, 24, and Jermaine Yateman, 19, were convicted of murder while Lloyd Henry, 20, was found guilty of manslaughter at the Old Bailey. All three, from north London, carried out the attack in November last year. Four days after the assault, which was caught on CCTV, Mr Page died of severe brain damage. In a victim impact statement his father, Kenny Page, said the family went “through hell.” Mr Page’s mother said: “When my son’s life was taken, part of my own life was taken as well.”

L-R: Jermaine Yateman, Andre Campbell, Lloyd Henry, black career criminals and murderers Ian Page, white murder victim

Left: Black career criminals Yateman, Campbell, Henry
Right: Their white victim Ian Page

During the trial the court heard that when Mr Page bumped into Campbell, he resorted to some “shouting and posturing.” He then went into a kebab shop and minutes later the three chased off Mr Page’s friends and cornered him. They then kicked him until he collapsed. The gang returned soon after to steal a gold bracelet from Mr Page and launched another attack on him. The court heard that all three had previous convictions for various offences of theft, threatening behaviour and assault. Campbell, of Stockford Avenue in Mill Hill, and Yateman, of Booth Road in Colindale, were ordered to serve a minimum term of 15 years. Henry, who is Campbell’s half-brother and lived at the same address, was given an eight-year sentence. (22nd November 2007)

What richly revealing portraits of vibrant 21st-century Britain: feral blacks capping their careers of crime with the vicious murder of whites. Whether the black murderer Anthony Joseph was schizophrenic or not, it’s certainly true that schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are more frequent among blacks, which is another huge cost borne by whites who never wanted or asked for the blacks to be here. But guess what? Black mental illness, like black crime, is really the fault of Whitey, whose racism impoverishes and corrupts this innately saintly and gentle race. I talked above about liberals’ theories of racial equality, but actually liberals don’t believe in racial equality at all. No, for them non-whites are corrupted angels and whites are corrupting demons. In a deeper analysis, however, you can see that liberals really regard blacks as equivalent to animals. For “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners”, read “There are no bad blacks, only bad white racists.” That’s what liberal propaganda repeats over and over in the media and it undoubtedly influences black behavior towards whites. Many black criminals, perhaps most, will see themselves as taking righteous revenge on hate-filled honky. Britain has tough laws against “incitement to racial hatred”, but the biggest offenders against these laws don’t just get off scot-free, they’re funded by a compulsory tax on TV-owners or allowed to broadcast their incitement in luxurious indoctrination centers.

Robert Mugabe, black dictator of Zimbabwe One of many white farmers murdered by blacks in Zimbabwe – see Queen Elizabeth II, who gave Mugabe an honorary knighthood in 1994

Left: Robert Mugabe, who ordered the mass murder of his opponents in 1982
Right: Queen Elizabeth II, who gave Mugabe an honorary knighthood in 1994
Center: One of many white farmers murdered by blacks in Zimbabwe

Step forward the anti-white BBC, funded by the TV license, and anti-white Hollywood, whose films play all year round in British cinemas. But hold on a second: let’s take stock of what I’ve said so far. I can’t see anything that good conservatives couldn’t agree with heartily:

  • The horrors of Zimbabwe are where liberal meddling leads. Check!
  • Black crime is unacceptably high and encouraged by liberal behaviour. Check!
  • The liberal-infested BBC and Hollywood are blatantly anti-white and subversive of Western civilization. Check!

Okay, but now I’m going to say something no good conservative will agree with: Jews have played the central role in all these liberal disasters. Not only did Jews create the necessary Marxism and political correctness, they’ve led and funded the liberal campaigns and owned and directed the propaganda outlets. Remember what I quoted from the anti-Semite Sir Robert Inglis in my last column: “a small number of men, acting in concert, might exercise considerable influence, beneficial or otherwise, over the State.” Jewish influence on Western states has been “otherwise”: not beneficial but highly pernicious. It’s easy to find examples of that in South Africa, from Cyril “Harris”, the God-fearing Orthodox Chief Rabbi, to Joe Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils, the atheist Jewish Marxists Harris eagerly allied himself with. Jewish involvement in Rhodesia’s destruction is a little harder to uncover, because it’s now being dropped down the memory hole. This is what The Daily Telegraph said after the death of one Colin Legum in 2003:

Legum’s obituaries, while duly extolling his work against apartheid, had remarkably little to say about his tireless work for the cause of “black majority rule” in Rhodesia. Could this be because, after 20 years of it, its results don’t necessarily appeal even to his fellow liberal thinkers? (Loc. cit., 20th June 2003)

It could indeed: there’s only one fleeting reference to Rhodesia in Legum’s obituary in The Independent, a paper that takes up liberal lunacy in Britain where The Guardian leaves off, and no reference to Zimbabwe at all. But the obituary does include some vital facts about Legum’s racial background:

Colin Legum, Jewish equality activist

The man behind Mugabe and his murderers:
Jewish lover of humanity Colin Legum

After spending half of his life as a successful journalist, writer and broadcaster in Britain, Colin Legum asserted that he had never become “an assimilated Englishman.” His “Free State upbringing had bred a murg en been [bred in the bone] South African.” He saw “the decolonisation of Africa from a front-row seat” and as Fleet Street’s first Africa correspondent, on David Astor’s Observer, he had reported and interpreted the African transformation in a way that helped create a sympathetic, well-informed body of opinion in Britain and beyond. He was able also, through the friendships he established with the leaders of the emergent Africa of the 1950s and 1960s, to ease their relationships with their former British masters and to build bridges with highly placed American friends. Legum was not a sudden convert to African aspirations. Born in the Orange Free State dorp of Kestell, where his Lithuanian immigrant parents kept the local hotel, he was schooled with the local Afrikaans children until at 17 he headed for Johannesburg and found work as office boy at the new, local Sunday Express, whose political correspondent he became after only two years. He was already an embryonic Africanist, avant les lettres, but also a staunch Zionist... (Loc. cit., 10th June 2003)

Sir Christopher Wren’s St Paul’s cathedral Black riot police in Zimbabwe from the film Zimbabwe Countdown (2003) by the disillusioned white liberal Michael Raeburn

Left: What whites create: civilization © Sir Christopher Wren
Right: What blacks create: chaos © Robert Mugabe

Got that? This “staunch Zionist” helped create a “sympathetic, well-informed body of opinion” about Africa in the West. The results of this well-informed sympathy can be seen in Zimbabwe today, which is why The Independent didn’t mention them. But when South Africa is in the same state thanks to Legum and his co-ethnics, we may have more to worry about than liberal evasion and concealment, because our own race disasters may be at full vibrancy by then. Legum is an example of the central truth of anti-racism, feminism and “gay rights” activism: Jews and their liberal dupes are not driven by love of humanity but by hatred of whites, men and heterosexuals. To see where liberalism leads, just take a trip to Harare or Detroit or Brixton and recall the words written in St Paul’s cathedral on the tomb of its architect Sir Christopher Wren: Si monumentum requiris, circumspice – “If you need a monument, look around you.”


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