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Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males

On Female Subjugation and Negro Trophies


1. Why females are more willing to subjugate themselves to immigrants

The female preference for immigrant partners has already been discussed and many people, if not most, will have observed it for themselves. As society now shifts away from the brink of a super feminine state, it will be a masculine society that has to deal with the consequences of this behaviour and the damaged individuals that have been produced: individuals with confused identity and built-in schizophrenia. Here I wish to deal with some aspects of that female tendency which have hitherto been unresolved.

Many of the elements of this preference are discussed in the articles ‘Informally on Women’ and ‘Why Females Prefer...’ In the latter I set out a brief introduction to Procedural Analysis and ten reasons why females prefer immigrant males. It has been clear for some time however that the analysis is incomplete. The main outstanding challenge is to explain why the female appears more willing to subjugate herself to an immigrant partner than to a white one.

The key to the conundrum is, I believe, that this subjugation is within the gift of the female. Recall that the traditional role is that the female gives the male the illusion of control while in fact retaining it. Thus, in former times, the female would adopt a retiring, submissive role, content that she was getting almost all she wanted – chiefly, a long-term monogamous relationship and a stable environment for raising children.

Affection Beneath (Figure 10, TOA p. 431)

Affection Beneath: The caretaking and protective instincts are inspired by someone (or something) less powerful than oneself

Nowadays this pretence has largely been shed. However, in a mixed-race relationship of a white woman and a Negro say, the female cannot fail but acknowledge her partner’s inferior status (especially in the context of Affection Beneath), and hence she makes concessions for him that she would be less willing to make for a normal partner. Thus she explicitly subjugates herself, tolerates violent treatment, and grants other concessions that she simply would not confer on a white male partner. Whatever excuses she uses to justify her race-treason, and corresponding excuses for the immigrant’s behaviour, are not available in the case of a white partner.

2. Negro Following

The phenomenon of young women following Negroes is another matter defying complete explanation. Typically, a small group of white teenage girls follow closely behind a Negro, apparently transfixed, with their attention completely concentrated on him. The female transfixation associated with non-white males has been described more generally as being “like an animal caught in headlights.” Females can also be mesmerized by the sight of a mixed-race couple, as the incident recounted on page 466 (1st ed.) of TOA illustrates.

There must be pleasure reinforcement, much as men find looking at attractive women pleasurable (it is claimed that male blood pressure falls on looking at breasts). Otherwise there would not be the patent eagerness of a feminine mass media to promote images of mixed-race relationships and Negro children, indeed such images often adorn the covers of women’s magazines. In this, comparisons can be drawn with fashion images of beautiful, often barely-clad women on billboards etc. If they were inimical to the female interest and displeasurable to her they would not be tolerated. They serve the female interest by teaching her how she can be regarded by the male, increasing her self-esteem.

This transfixation might be like being spellbound by an object of great beauty or desire, or as a male might be locked in Neurotic Suspension, or fixated by a model in a pornographic magazine perhaps?

There is also the associated matter of white women using Negro babies (not necessarily their own) as trophies. Similar to my observations of the female preference for immigrant males, this behaviour has been observed in females of all social classes, from hugely wealthy pop stars to adolescent schoolgirls.

In Hull is an old Victorian park where in times past the most sordid thing that went on was young lads trying to cop a feel of a teenage lovely. Nowadays it is blighted by “asylum-seekers” who prowl at school-leaving time and at night. One summer’s day I was walking through the park and a group of children had been playing with water on the grass. A little girl, at most three, still a little unsteady on her feet so likely less, was robed in a dressing-gown by her mother. Opposite the little girl a half-Negro boy moved around, I think he did a little dance, like a jig. After a delay, the little girl threw open her robe to reveal her naked front to the half-caste boy.

The most striking about this incident was its seeming utter inevitability. From the moment that the little girl and Negro boy contemplated each other, the sequence unwound as if following an immutable script. If I remember correctly the girl had fixed her attention on the Negro, then clasped the edges of her robe, and after a further short delay, opened her robe for about a second. On completion of the sequence she may have giggled.

If soap operas are pornography for women, portraying mixed-race relationships is the hardcore variety. It is proposed that what we are witnessing is the disinhibition on an enormous scale of female sexuality. Behaviour by females which should properly be treated as criminal is regarded in contemporary society as legitimate. Few limits exist to female self-expression, and that expression is always ultimately sexual. Female sexuality is manifest not in physical sex, which would be the male expression of it, but this mass disinhibition results in the prevalence of teasing and otherwise increasing the costs of sex, and the advanced expression of mechanisms which serve to avoid physical sex. It has been remarked that in making charges of “sexual harassment,” females are seeking to impose Victorian mores on males, even as they are continuously assailed by highly charged sexual imagery. It may truly be termed a “pornographic society.”

Female behaviour in regard of immigrants can be summarised very succinctly according to the “Game of Opposites”: that males are endogamous, females exogamous. The transfixation which has been observed in these situations points to a distinct phenomenon. The FLM or first level psychic assault serves to confound the male, rendering him more susceptible to manipulation. It becomes second level when other races are involved. However coarsely named, the SLM appears to be the most accurate description of Negro Following and associated phenomena. For example, Negro trophies (both babies and adults) satisfy items 3 & 4: ‘She scores points to bolster and satisfy her ego’ and ‘She evokes images of granting sexual favours to another (the more perverse her selection, for these purposes, the better).’

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